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Monkeys = Funny





A chimp would have owned that dog much worse.


I've seen a monkey toy with 2 tiger cubs (or whatever you call baby tigers) on some Japanese nature show.

The monkey would pull on their tails and bolt off into the trees. lol

If those tigers would have caught him he would have been torn to shreds, but he didnt stop. lol




Monkeys: Nature's assholes.

That video gets funnier every time I watch it. It's so great how the monkey first grabs the tail, hangs as long as he can, and then runs away just like a human. You can just picture him going, "oh shit!!!" as he runs.
Anyone who doesn't think we evolved from primates needs to watch this video.




Yeah, thats the video I was talking about! lol Thanks for finding it.


that is pretty funny.


I'd like to see that little shit try that on a more aggressive dog without a tree to scramble up


Wait WTF? why is that thing running on two legs??



i know its not the monkey, but wtf!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

that is just fkn stupid