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Monkeyboys posts

Someone should make a compilation of the little quotes on the end of Monkey boy Erics posts.

Good idea, but I would have called it “Monkeyboy Eric Support Group”.

Yeah, that way when I’m too jaded to laught at my favorite sitcoms, I could read his material. You see, in comparison Dawson’s Creek would seem like a laught riot!

Horace, have you fallen off the wagon again?

Ah, my kindhearted fellow T-FITHs (Fucked In The Heads), how my primitized little heart glows with warmf. Mmmmhmmm. So I take it there’s a market for a “best of” (or worst of depending on your point of skew) MBE. Interesting. Lookit, I’ve stated it ovuh nad ovun and here I am statin’ it once again. All ya’ll are mah peeps. If I cna keep you entertained then I feel I’ve sufficiently exhibited gratitude for all the beyond-quality info I’ve recieved here since my T-zygotecy. So now that my precious little emotional diatribe has concluded, here you go. Lata.

MBE: "The official royal nutcase of the T-mag forum. Today's post was brought to you by the letter "T". Funding made possible by some chimps who stole joe weider's wallet while he was advertising soem caps for sale on a 60% markup, joe then claimed to have trianed the chips. Film @ 11. 'Fo Liphe."