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Monkeyboy Eric

I’m just curious, where the hell do you get all those tag phrases?? Is there an internet site for that stuff? I click on all your posts just to read those lines. Peace.

–karl “quoteless since 1980”

Yeah, what is that all about?

Aaron: "curious to know what monkeyboy is up to since 1974"

Actually they’re all handmade with love, care and attention to detail. My goal is just to have some inane little thing stuck in everyone’s head as they log offline, it just makes life as a T-human a little sweeter. Glad you guys enjoy 'em. I’ll keep ‘em rollin’.

"MB Eric: Forcing his elves to stich his quotes into the sweat towel of time since year 1."


do keep them coming. i laugh my ass off at all of them!

“NaturalMan: Trying to bust out a post MB Eric style, only to feel the creative strangulation called writer’s block since 2001.”

E-Man, just another lil’ pat on the back my Primate brutha. Keep up the kick-ass work, throwing all kinds of curveballs our way. Not only is this guy a riot, but if you haven’t noticed, he’s thrown some valuable info on the table lately.

Timbo: Throwing bananas to his Primate Buddy for more insights since Day One of T-Mag. -Timothy

MB, keep the quotes comin’ playboy. outlaw – “Treating the world the way Godzilla treated Japan since 1978”

I feel the love, my psycho-primate brethren, I feel the love.

“MB Eric: Some live by the dollar, some live by the gun. I live by the iron cause it’s just the most damn fun: since February of the year 2.”