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Monkeyboy and taglines.

Eric how much brain power do you devout to putting a tagline on every frickin post??? I mean this in a nice way. :slight_smile:

Keago "Has a predilection for short girls since 1541."

I love the M-boy’s tag lines. They’re awesome!

Ratso: spanking the Monkey since 1620!

Thanks, T-freques. I actually put shockingly little effort into my taglines. I suppose I’ve a heightened affinity for the completely random. Suffice to say I am happy you crazed suckas enjoy them so heartily. Hell, now ya’ll gots me gettin’ mah warm 'n fuzzies on, even while I’m two weeks into and Androsol cycle. Now it’s all pressurized for me to chuck up a real humdinger 'o tagline. In the spirit of Henry Rollins, I’m “up for it.”

MBE: "Iron ignitin', prone to bitin', club of fightin', essay writin', prose recitin' and you know it's so that he loves insightin' since Stonehenge was a rcok garden."


M.B.: Serious question. Since you’re in the Big Apple…do you ever attend any of those “open mike” poetry reading nights that are often held in the small clubs? Not the “wussie” ones, but the ones with the rappers and angry inner city kids? I’ve heard some SERIOUS words and feelings come out in one of those places! (Your last tagline reminded me of some Poets I heard once, and most recently on HBO).

Mufasa, I was on an improv troupe for a while in NYC, which was cool. SLAM poetry rocks, and while I’ve written some stuff, I haven’t really performed too many peices at “formal” gatherings. I do have a tendency to bust out into random performances in front of friends, strangers, ect. I also write filthy haikus. Maybe I’ll post some. Thanks, Lata.

"MBE: Your friendly neighborhood Nutcase since 1722."


If any of you would like to meet your favorite Boy/Primate organism, I can usually be found at Westerly Health and Nutrition market on 56th and 8th during my free time from class (usually Mon,Wed,Thurs @ 2-3 PM until about 4 or so). Place rocks, just a mecca of info, plus it’s a great spot to riddicule begginers holding up bottles of Ripped Fuel and asking the staff “Will this make me huge”. I get to laugh because I don’t work there. Hehe, morons.

"MBE: Holding back the urge to punch the ignorant masses in the skull when they "hear that protein can mess up your kidneys" since 1141."


Monkeyboy, you know any good places around Midtown to get cheap supplements? I go to Eva’s in the Village, which is pretty cheap, but they don’t have everything.

Mike, bro, the aforementioned “Westerly Market” on 56th and 8th has everything plus. They also carry the full line of Biotest products. Furthermore, the more often you patronize the place, the more you’ll be “helped out” on prices. Plus you may even run into MBE there. Golly. Eva’s has a sick markdown (they make VERY little profit on their supps) plus the food is kickass. So that the rest of you do not feel left out, Eva’s is a small, nondescript enterprise off of West 5th in NYC’s East Village. Eva’s is also a bodybuilder’s paradise, consisting of both a full menu broken down by protein and carbs (chucken, beef, ect. for 'tein and brown rice for carbs). In the back of Eva’s lies a small but well-stocked supplement area, where GROW sells for $26. Yes. $26. A jug. Per jug. Westerly will match any price Eva sets forth. Mike, if you’ve got some free time monday I’ll be around Westerly probably around 2-3ish. Lata.

“MBE: For whom Spring Break means hearing something snap during deadlifts since 1893.”


Thanks MBE. I may be around there Monday to pick up some protein.

Mike, you ever get over to Westerly?

“MBE: Short, sweet…sweaty. Since 1988.”


Nah, I ordered from DPS cause I had no time to get over there. Does Westerly have mag-10 and grow?

Yeah they carry it all, the entire line. If you want to meet up there I’ll definitely be at the place monday 'bout 2:30ish. Lata.

“MBE: Steel the craziest since 1805.”


Yo, I’m gonna be there around 4:15 today.

Monkeyboy, you sure you got the streets right??? I trudged my ass down to 56th and 8th after work, to arrive at some bootleg chinese fruit store, a McDonalds on the other corner, and no Westerly Market in sight. I went into the Chinese place to see if that was the one, and when I asked about supplements, they looked like I had 2 heads and said “supprements?” I ended up eating at Patsy’s, which has some fine pizza by the way. Where did I go wrong?

BKM, sorry about that, Westerly is 913 8th ave on 54th. Agian, I’m usually around there mondays from 2-3. Sorry for the f-up, and what the hell are you doing eating pizza? Oh, as an IMPORTANT aside, right across the street (next ave up) from westerly on the rights side is PUMP, a resturaunt catering to bodybuilder nutrition. I’m gonna cheque it owt. Lata.

“MBE: Your favorite internet role model since 1908.”