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Monkey Madness Creates New Maneuver

Heya T-freaks. For my shoulder fanatics, I came up with something damn cool today with the help of my Swiss ball, Coney Island Bill. I got into pushup position with my feet on top of CIB and my hands shoulder-width apart. I then arched up so that I was in near-handstand pushup position. From there I forced out a set of ten. I am now thinking of ways to incorporate a power push-up into this move. Try it, it kills. Lata.

"MB Eric: Your psycho source since 1766."


E-Man! Wassup, bro, I’ve been missin’ ya lately…thought the Exercise Factory took some time off for inventory or something:-)

Interesting maneuver, bro. Not sure I quite got it down, but I think I see what you’re saying…could be a pretty brutal ultra set with addition of Power Pushup…I almost gave a shout out to ya yesterday regarding a new one I gave a shot at: Reverse-Grip Benches with EZ Bar. Probably nothing new, but it was my first crack at 'em…they really hammered my tris and think I’ll stick with 'em for a bit, since I had been doing regular close-grips and got stuck in some molasses.