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Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels


So I eat a "see food" diet today. roughly 7000 kcals of food. Lots of protein, but quite a bit of chocolate, candy, junk food in general.

So here's my question: I monitored my blood glucose levels through out the day and my blood levels never rose above 115. This seems very odd to me, I was expecting to see 180 or 190 but never did.

Anyone have an explanation?? I don't think the monitor is faulty. Does it matter where I test from? For instance, is there a difference between finger tip and forearm? I'd appreciate any insight...


What value do you get in the AM before you eat? That would be interesting, in light of a max of 115. Obviously if it said something like 40, your glucometer is off. My guess is that the reading is a bit low. It makes no difference where you get the blood from when you test it.


Hooray for you!! This means your pancreas is working well, and you are responding to the inslin that it produces. It means you are healthy. I am a type II diabetic, can I have your pancreas??


this guy gets it right.

Why would you want a wild fluctuation in blood sugar? Thats BAD it damages your kidneys and eyeballs.


in most people it is normal to see a large spike in blood sugar after a meal high in carbohydrate. This didn't happen for me even though I ate like shit. I figure the monitor is faulty, or since I was eating lots of protein and fat also that digestion was slowed and my blood sugar stayed chronically elevated.


Are you diabetic?

If you are not then no you would not see any spikes in your blood sugar, it's the beauty of having a pancrease that works.
It is NOT normal to see BG spikes in healthy people at all. For the most part, outside of hypoglycemia and diabetes, you should stay fairly the same no matter what you eat.


As others have said, that's normal. With a working pancreas, your blood glucose should stay in the 80-120 range.

The spot you take blood from makes a difference only in that your forearm will register increases in blood glucose slower than your finger will after a meal containing carbohydrates.

Your meter is most likely working fine - as is your body. Be thankful