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Monica the Corpse

I used to love Monica Brant. What a bod. This is a recent pic of her. What the hell? Proof, to me at least, that super low bodyfat on women isn’t always attractive.

And before anyone says, yeah but bodybuilding isn’t always about being pretty, remember that she’s in figure competitions now. Well, this figure is just gross.

Oh…oh God!!

barfs all over shoes

Not again!

I agree! She is just gross…

yeah thats really not too cool

She could be in the next Alien/Predator movie  (as the alien or predator)

Look at the crotch area! Just piss off!

Man what the fuck is that seperation on her hips, she shoulda been TX in terminator, they would not have needed any special effects, this woman is plain out freaky!!!,

get over it, she would look like that for a day or two at best. Its her job, athletes must take themselves to the extreme. Off season she would be an absolute fox.

Definitely gross and unnatural but she probably looks good in the off season.Remember she would only look like this for a few days out of the year. Kinda sad that this is what the judges are looking for.

There is a reason that she is “gross.” God made men to look “masculine” and women to look “feminine.” When women gain lots of muscle and lose lots of body fat they look “masculine.” And that my friends is the end of their attractivness to most males!

It’s nothing you can control guys. She is simply repulsive to you at a very deep level.

thank God she doesn’t stay like this year round…or does she??

yeah she looks freaky, but she is just a few pizzas away from being damn fine again.

Yeah she’s in competition shape and true they always look better out of competition when they’re not so dehydrated, but she’s never looked like this. Her comp shape was always ripped but not disgusting. She’s looking more and more like a steroid user too. Check the face. And how can anyone, much less a female, lose that much fat without losing most of the muscle?

Oh and those things on her sides someone asked about are obliques. She’s always had pronounced obliques.

Anyway, I got this pic from the Arnold Classic site and there are other pics of those competing in the Figure competition. Most looked pretty good, a little dehydrated, but good. Monica was about the only scary one. I think there was at least one other that looked like a roid user though.

Here’s the link. You can click on the names at the bottom and get pics:


‘PRONOUNCED OBLIQUES’, now there is an udnerstatement if i ever heard one,

I don’t know what is more of a turn off these days…the “Kosmo Kramer” Crisco tan look or the Gray’s Anatomy super freak, negative fat look. Now that most of these women have them combined I pine for bodybuilding/fitness hotties from the 80s and 90s.

High heels, lipstick and a bathing suit does not a woman make when they look like this.

You are so right, heavysprout. The women BBers of the 80s looked great. Things are just too extreme these days.

The sad thing is, a lot of women in the fitness game see pics of these women in their extreme contest shape without ever seeing pics of them in the off-season and believe this is what they should look like.

How very lamentable.

Another great body bites the dust.

Well you won’t get any disagreement from me, that is just plain nasty.

Just wondering do any of the female or gay posters (trying to be diverse) find the elite male BB’s that repulsive?

Hell I’m not gay but I do think the top male BB’s look freaky.

Now that none of you like here anymore, SHE’S ALL MINE!!!
Uh, I mean, ew gross, I’d HATE to have sex with her (again and again and…).

Give me Jennie Finch, Gabbie Reese, Heather Mitts or any other sports minded woman who hits the weights, are great athletes but to still look feminine.

Maybe she only looks like that around comp time (yeh, okay) but it’s still her driving motivation and I just don’t find the ‘barbeque chicken’ look very attractive. Maybe some guys do but have yet to meet any.