Monica Lewinsky

The “Testosterone” posters appear to be a varied group in their beliefs and thoughts. So I pose this to you all:

Monica Lewinsky appeared on HBO tonight in the “America Undercover” Series. It was called “Monica In Black and White” in which the audience was able to ask her whatever question they wished, now that she was free from prosecution to talk. Many supported her, some were blunt and cruel (at least to me).So my questions:

1)If you saw it, what did you think? 2)What do you think of her; young, naive innocent victim of the most powerful person in the world and of a government that “eats it’s own” (which is my thought), or opportunistic, self-serving slut who knew EXACTLY what she was doing?

Needless to say, my heart goes out to her. I think she was (and is)a victim…and is still experiencing a hurt that will never go away…

Flame away…

I think the Lion has a fat fetish : )
Actually, although I despised Clinton, I don’t think Monica was a victim at all. She was in her twenties. She wasn’t coerced.

Monica a victim??? No, I don’t think so. She admitted, in an interview with Barbara Walters that one day to be ‘flirty’ she wore a short skirt to work with a thong and flashed him as she left his office. These are words right from her mouth. Does it excuse him? NO. However, she made her own bed (so to speak)

I saw her on Larry King live and she said she was hurt by some of the things that Clinton said afterward. What the fuck do you expect when you are fucking a married man? Someone is going to get burned and chances are it will be you. Dont fuck a married person then wine when you get hurt. He had to save face, just as any married man would do (that was scum enough to cheat in the first place). She was old enough to make her own decisions and know that what she was doing was wrong. However, that being said, I am sure that the fact that he was the most powerful man in the world was very seductive to her. Just a thought though, what if we had a female married president and some 20 year old guy intern was banging her like a screen door in a hurricane, what would people have thought about him? How would they have thought about the president?

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I saw it. I felt sad for her in that she became a pawn in a chess match between the right and the left. However, she is an adult as is responsible for any and all actions that she may have taken. Clinton, was a guy that thought with his dick (does he still?) and lied when asked about it. If he had been truthrful most of this would have been avoided. Sheesh, Ken Starr spends almost 66 million of OUR dollars to publish a report that is more pornographic and intrusive that any Playboy or Hustler magazine!

Hopefully she can move on to have some semblance of a normal life and we can leave her alone.

I did not see it. But my opinion on it is she is a piece of fucking white trash. Of course so was our president so they went hand in hand. Bill Clinton has always been a liar and you know what they say “Birds of a feather flock together”…so in other words she is a worthless piece of shit as well. Thank God he is not in office anymore and that I do not have to hear her giggling little white trash lazy fat disgusting trailor park ass anymore. Enough said.PS Don’t give me your liberal gay ass worthless democratic opinion, because I don’t care about it and I am not going to revist this post.Later.

errr, I don’t watch this “crap” - this is crap TV. Rather than complain about it, I just flat out don’t watch it. I’ve got better things to do than watch something as pathetic as a Monica, who has been deemed as a “celebrity” by a equally pathetic media, talk about how she was/is a victim. Oh woes me. The ONLY reason she has risen to celebrity status is that she “satisfied” the need of our President (and her need for attention). That’s it. She didn’t discover a cure for some virus, she hasn’t helped the homeless or needy, she hasn’t done a damn thing for anyone else but herself. Sorry, but this is the first I’ve heard of this - y’know since I don’t watch this stuff.

You must not have seen a Hustler lately.

She helped the needy. The Prez. needed a blowjob and Hillary was busy doing one of her girlfriends.

Of course she was a victim. Much of it was brought on by herself, but it suffices to say that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans had her best interests in mind when the story broke. I think most people posting want to turn it into a 100% her fault or 100% fault of the system, and certainly, if we were to assign total blame on anyone, it should be her. But, what about the most powerful man in the world, who had no intentions of a serious relationship, knowingly playing with her emotions? What about the Republican right who, with little concern for how this would affect the life of a young woman, took advantage of the story? I frankly believe that the Right would have come out looking much nobler if they had tried to downplay the situation out of interest in not harming Monica. Of course the full story would have come out anyway, with the ravenous press hounding every sordid detail, but at least the Clinton-haters wouldn’t have gotten their hands dirty doing it. Alas, polititians are not only cynical, but dumb.

The average fellow American is so immature when it comes to sexual issues it’s embarrassing. This should have been a non issue between Bill, Hillary, and Monica…not the whole country. We didn’t hire the guy to be a saint, just run the country. I didn’t vote for him but people did. There was plenty of evidence of his morals long before he got into office, so why the big shock? At least it got people talking about blowjobs that never said the word in public before.

I have more sympathy for her than before because of what I now realize her family and friends went through. However, you won’t see me losing sleep over such a misfortune. Granted, she was a naive 21-year old with a crush who got played by the most powerful man in the world at the time, but I still think that she deserves some of the blame. However, Clinton is a dirty bastard. I’m sure he knew all too well that she was an aspiring intern who would be vulnerable to such exploitation. I can’t possibly understand how “I have a crush on you” turned on that light bulb in his head that prompted him to ask “Want to come in the back room?” He corrupted one of the most sacred positions in the world in one of the most sacred buildings in the world while destroying a young girl’s future and anonymity. Plus, he risked his own marriage and family life. I wish they had cut his nuts off.

i hate shows that give sympathy to pieces of shit like monica lewinsky, any woman that would knowingly have sex with a married man, is a piece of shit, slut in my opinion…and although gary condit is an absolute fucking liar, chandra levy deserved a lot of criticism for doing what lewinsky did (although, obviously she didn’t deserve to be killed.)

to add to what i said opportunistic,self-serving people are the worst kind of people ya ever get to meet, they have no heart, care about absouletly nothing but themselves and deserve to be treated like shit.

Who the hell honestly still really cares about this sorry OLD story and this stupid women?

Hey, you know what they call a whore in Plano, TX? A plano whore.

I didn’t see the show, but saw enough in th enews at the time to have seen her admit to flashing the Pres while wearing a thong. Of course she has to share the blame. She is equally as guilty as he is. She was and probably still is extremely naive. The issue I want to raisse with everyone here is… Does anyone agree with Steelyeyes in the concept of us hiring a President to run a country regardless of whether he is a saint or not. Does character matter? When does a person’s private affairs (sex life, orientation, etc…) become relevent to the job he can do in public? What does everybody here think?

Unfortunately, in this country there is no distinction for public figures between personal and private. I lived in France during their elections a few years ago. One of the men has had a mistress for years, it was NEVER an issue. Who gives a shit what they do in their personal lives? He ran the country well, and was an incredible diplomat. Sure, he was a shithead in his personal life, but as for running the country, he did a good job.

I lived in Europe for several years and absolutly agree with michelle. In fact the whole Clinton Lewinsky scandal was taken with lots of head shaking and laughter. The difference I think is that the leaders in europe are generally not regarded as moral leaders (that is the role of the Pope or other religious/spiritual leaders) but more as businessmen running a country. The american president however is elevated to a status above that.