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Moneyball Formula for Selling Gym Memberships


Eh, some of you know I work as a membership consultant for a commercial gym. A coworker and I recently watched Moneyball and are interested in finding a way to apply the principal of the formula to our job. Where we need to sell - PAPs - which are regular memberships each month based on a certain goal. Usually around 100 PAP or 'Pre-Authorized Payments'.

Theres so many smart people here that run buisnesses and even work in gyms as well, any help would be greatly appreciated. For my fellows in the fitness industry be assured that in no way can my little gym in Northern Ontario effect your buisness.

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Anybody heard of it? Money ball? Book/movie. Bill James?


Hey I just watched a Beautiful Mind; can someone use John Nash's theorem to help me pick my fantasy football team?


www.thomasplummer.net You're welcome, if you actually can take the truth and not be defensive. :wink:


Ok I will take a shot even though I do not like Canadians ;>)

So Moneyball was based on using statistical analysis to find undervalued players. What is analogy to gym memberships? If I was a "consultant" I would want to spend my time with prospective clients who were most likely to join and buy some personal training. So lets assume the ideal candidate is someone who buys a long-term membership, buys some personal training, and stops coming to the gym after 2 or 3 months. Do a statistical analysis of characteristics of current and past members who meet these criteria and use this analysis to develop a questionnaire, or some other tool, that will allow you to prescreen potential members so that you can determine whether or not they are worthy of spending time on them or just giving them the quick tour. Prequalifying will allow you to best optimize your limited time.