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Money. Taboo?


We happily post lift stats and other personal information (even pictures) but is talking about money off limits even here?

So how much do you earn?


shit, not enough


how much you earn is usually not proper etiquette when discussing things, at least in the US.




one hundred trillion, billion dollars

per year


I agree. It is the same everywhere.

I thought the Interweb might allow it - espically T-Nation.


I could make that much money in like 20 seconds. Gosh!


Why ask? If someone makes less than you, they'll feel slightly inferior. If they make more, they'll probably be met with resentment.

As a student, the only thing I'm amassing is a wealth of debts.


Why do people ask about lift stats?

I admit its a penis measuring contest but that's the same contest we play when we compare lift numbers, etc.




But this is a bodybuilding website. Not the country club.


Fair enough. Though this is the Off-Topic forum. We might have to stop discussing sex in the SAMA thread also.


I'll also say that the initial responses answer my question.

Agression at being asked.

I didn't offer my income details either.

So we can talk about porn, drugs, naked wombats but not money?



If you want a serious thread, you really should start by answering the question yourself.

I assumed you weren't serial cause you didn't.

And I'm pretty sure sex gets discussed almost everywhere around here.


Sounds a little more realistic!


I have a whole bag of "sh!" with your name on it.


It really doesn't matter what you make. What matters is your debt to income ratio. Some poor fuck making 30,000 per/year can be better off than you if they don't have any rent or cc payments.


As my father once said...none of your goddamn business!!


Why don't you lead by example?


your parents ought to have taught you that money, politics, and religion are off-limits. everyone knows that