Money Spent on Supplements

Do you guys have any idea on how much money you spend on food and supplements? Wether a week, month, or whatever.

I use Megaman multi vitamni/minerals 2@day
magnesium/potassium in asportate base 3@
1000 vitamin C 3@
Prostrate formula 2@
Proanthanol Bio Complex 100mg 2@
12 to 16 1000mg fish oil @ day
protein shake 1 or 2 @ day
Endyocrin DHEA 3@
misc supps rotated monthly
Average $200 a month

Hmm. I’ve never really thought about it or added it up before… so let’s see:

5lb ON whey (48g serving) - 2 months ($27.5/month)
Megamen multi (180 caps @ 2/day) - 3 months ($7/month)
Generic Fishoil (300 caps @ 6-9/day) - 1 month ($20/month)
ZMA (180 caps @ 3/day) - 2 months ($15/month)
Creatine Monohydrate (1000g @ 5g/day) - 6 months ($5/month)
ECA stack (roughly $25/month)
Green tea (roughly %20/month)

Total: approx $120 just on supps. Probably a lot more on foods. lol

I buy my protein in bulk.

26lbs of WPI a year, about 200 bucks.
104lbs of Malto/Dextro a year, also about 200.
23lbs of WPC a year, about 140 a year.

Some multi-vitamins, and fish oils but I usually add them onto food bills, which is around 150 bucks a week at the grocery store and more than I’m not as sure of for fast food.