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Money shot?

How much/how long do you have to be on clomid in order to “really notice” an increase in seminal fluid?

Haha… unless you had previously measured your goo precycle, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Thinking about shit like that will drive you insane. It’s probably all in your head. How you been by the way? U get any goodies from redbear yet?

Cash Flow is low but my gains are still holding real well. I was down 5 from 230, but now I’m back up to 230. My sex drive might be a little lower than it is normally but, the break is actually welcome. I’m asking because this one girl I’m seeing lets me bust in her face. Normally I can get a good 3-5 spurtter but I was wondering if I took more clomid would I be able to paint her eyes shut.LOL. BTW the clomid has got me thinking some strange shit. I’m listening to the radio the other day, a song comes on (I’m not saying what it is, too embarassing) all of the sudden I’m on the verge of ballin my eyes out. WTF?? A few minutes later I’m singing along and smiling like the joker.

LMAO, ok I’ve heard this from too many people not to believe it. Even though Clomid acts only like a weak estrogen it really does make you a girly man…a girly man capable of shooting Northian loads! Now go give your girl a pearl necklace.

I should point of that I only have these “uncontrolable outbursts” when I’m blazed. BTW I’m refering to my emotional outburst:-)

Haha dude… that’s awesome. I never have gotten this emotional thing that everyone talks about… I guess its probably because I’m so friggin iritable already.

NAWWW. I never noticed:-)

I wouldn’t worry about the clomid cause pretty much every song on the radio these days make me want to break down and cry.