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Money & College


I'm starving because my tuition costs are so high!

Right now I work and "donate" plasma (twice a week for $50 total)

Does anyone have any good ideas for making or saving money in college?

Also Im curious if anyone knows if the Plasma donations will significantly effect my training. (i just started the plasma thing)


walgreens whole milk.


Dried Beans


Become a male gigalo.


Be a bouncer at a place that serves food. Bouncers usually get a free meal at the end of the night. Make it count.

You could work in a restaurant. Even the waiters usually get a staff meal or if it is a chain, an allowance.

Big bag of rice. Big bag of beans. Those got a lot of guys thru college. Find a good farm stand and buy some veggies to throw in.

Or the old stand by. Visit mom often!


I had a part time job as well as an ROTC scholarship that covered a nice chunk of tuition and gave me some book money and monthly stipend. You could look into getting a job at UPS working the overnight shift as they used to give scholarships to people as an incentive to work the shift. If you're in such dire financial straits, perhaps you need to cut back on training until you've gotten things straightened out. It's only for a few years. I've known people that have put themselves through college without killing themselves, although it is very difficult.

Good luck,


Student loans, bro. When you turn 24, you can finally claim to be independent from your parents for financial aid applications. This should allow you to get a Pell grant or something similar. Have you checked with your financial aid office to see if they can help you out?

It does suck working your way through school; took me 8 years to get through because I could only take one or two classes at a time. If I had to do it all over again, I would forego working and just get the degree knocked out. I've had to deal with too many stress and burnout issues from the whole experience.


find a girlfriend to mooch off of. worked for me anyway...

Without knowing more about your situation it's hard to offer advice..

what about getting a roommate, (if you don't live in the dorms)?

Second job?


If you are big you can drive for strippers who do private shows at homes for bachelor parties etc. This pays well all under the table and is virtually hassle free. Bartending is another good gig that fits in well with college-try to do it at a hotel with a kitchen and get freindly with the cooks-this worked great for me. Above all else get motivated you are busting your ass through school competing with rich kids that have an endless supply of money from mommy and daddy-that used to motivate me to do well in school. Remember only 17 percent of the US has a degree, yet those that do make over 70 % of all money paid in salaries in the US. It is well worth it to "struggle" some in school. Many of us did it and are better off. Put a chip on your shoulder and use it to your benefit.


Thanks for all the advice. I like the idea of "Competing" against the rich boys and girls.

Next time I'm doing homework and feeling like I need a break, or can't finish, but need to. I will just say to myself, I'm a T-man representing all T-men, I can't lose to that spoiled rich kid in my class just because I have it a little tougher... tougher is what I live for




Take subsidized student loans if you can. They are interest free until you finish school. No where in you life will you ever be able to get an interest free loan.



I already do that, I am thinking about asking if i turn down my work study money if i can get more in interest free loans

There are two types

Stafford, and perkins

I get stafford, and based on my mom, I am close to being able to get the perkins, but not quite. So maybe if i turn that down, i can get the perkins.. not sure how this works.

Don't you guys think it is total bull that you are based upon your parents? I mean in the case of the very wealthy, it makes sense, but in the case of a single parent/moderate income situation where the parent more than likely has bills (that aren't calculated in) and even if they didn't are going to be pretty selfish, more than likely, with there limited amount of money.

In other words - they say my mom should be handing me over 2 grand a year for school - and I get jack... and I think that sucks, because they make it hard to cover that 2 grand if its not given to me by mom.

Why? Because my workstudy is $2200 already considered in - and that means I work the max amount they "suggest" while taking a full load (which works out to be about 15-20 hours a week)

Anyway - I guess I will figure it out - again thanks for the help


I know some guys who can hook you up with college money and a chance to see the world.
You can experience new cultures and meet interesting people.......and kill them.
The Marines are looking for a few good men.

-Semper Fi


I know your situation, I am in Canada planning to go back to school, same problem in terms of parental donations/support, I dont see anything except room/board and food which is good but if i go back to school I am screwed because I will be 6 hours away.

I know in Canada that halfway through the year they have something that you can fill out that is a declaration of situation asking you about your expenses and than they could decide to give you more, but thats with a quebec loan so I really dont know...


Talk to your financial aid office; they should be able to help you. It's been a long time, but I think the subsidized loan amounts are capped pretty low, so I don't think you're going to get a lot more than you're already getting. I agree with you it's BS that you're judged on your parents' income until you're 24. I had to pay for everything myself, which is not easy when you're 18. Maybe you should consider the gigalo idea......


The suggestion of working as a waiter is excellent. You will get free chow while you are working and can often take home extra food. Plus, tips provide excellent walking around (drinking) money. Also, go for the student loans that are payable after you graduate. Worked for me.

The fact that you are working your own way through college is admirable and will make you a better hire when you graduate. I'm proud of you.