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Money and Mouth


I know it's probably been said a dozen times before, but some of the posts in the last few days have gotten me thinking that a prerequisite for posting should be submitting a real photo of oneself.
Could you imagine the terror.
At least that way there would be a picture behind the words.
I kind of think that a lot of trolls would fail to show up.
Probably end up with about 50 members
also. Hahaha.
That way you could kind of read the post and say to yourself..."Oh that flame there was written by geekboy with the pipecleaner arms...a real bobdybuilding specialist."
Or how about... "That diet advice that I recieved was suggested by Tub-o-lardo a real diet guru. He's probably just bulking this decade."
I think it would put things in perspective.
Now ain't that thought a hoot and a howl.
Oh well. It was just for fun.

Just blowing off some steam bro's if ya know what i mean...


I agree, actually. I used my pic as my avatar for about a year. It is amazing how I get called a "comic book nerd" now that it's gone.

I honestly don't think how you look is everything when it comes to knowledge on bodybuilding. It would be retarded for someone to only judge me by how I look at my highest weight bulked up. I do think it would add more credibility to posts specifically about training or things that only come from experience. I would naturally listen to advice from "Caveman" as far as dieting down much faster than anything "Fat T Man" had to say.

It would also put an end to the 6'5" guys bragging about how they weigh 220lbs when in reality the height difference means they are still scrawny even though they weigh over 200lbs.


How do you now the picture is real? Or a spoof? Or a...?


I love how people who've been on this board for, like, fifteen minutes are the crankest, whiniest little bitches on the planet.

Between this post, the Steroid Lovers thread, and your thread complaining that "All these punk kids are on my lawn," you've done nothing but mewl about other people.

Buck up, little shaver.


I was just having some fun X.
There are many cases where the coach looks like shit yet can get the best out of his athletes. Thats probably the status quo when it comes to certain sports. Bodybuilding is a bit of a different animal but I will admit there are also many exceptions to the rule here as well.
Some do..those that can't do teach.
I was refering to a younger less experienced person, know it all. They aren't that hard to pick out even without the photo's. You can read it in their posts. They know who they are.
As for rooting out real pictures from fakes....we have our methods. LOL.


Don't worry...you don't have to post your picture. It's no sweat.
Oh by the way...shouldn't you be at your spot on the gay marriage thread defending homosexual marriage?
Now fuck off please.


What a comeback!

Jesus, you're crotchety.


I like grey. He may be a cranky old fart telling kids to get off his lawn but he is funny and he has a point.


Shit...thanks...I think.
Ive never considered myself an old fart.
In fact I act, think and feel (look too..my older daighter likes me to go to the clubs with her and her friends...that's where i do feel old. ) a hell of a lot younger.

It's funny that one day your a young man in your twenties and then WHAMO
your an old fart on the net "given dem darn yungins a taste of yer mind."

Don't worry bro's...I won't be boring you with this topic all the time. There are many other things I can bore you with.
Hey Zap...thanks for the word.


I like when people have absolutely nothing going for them except the fact that they are old.

Everybody should bow down to these people because they have managed to stay alive into adulthood -- damn, they must be geniouses.

Oh wait. I'm getting old. Never mind.


He does have a point. Even I have been disappointed at the whiny-ass shit I've been reading on some of the threads. I can't believe the judgement passed on the ones that share secrets and other shit with us here. You'd think there would be a little more respect, but I guess that is a foolish belief on my part.


And you're losing your sense of humor as well.


You know, other than the point about age, I pretty much agree. I just think that it is not limited to only young people. Old people can be stupid and ignorant, too.

My only modification, since this is more than just a bodybuilding site, is to require a peformance shot for those of us who are not bodybuilders. For example, I powerlift and do strongman. I am not lean, so a pic of me posing would not add any credibility to my posts.

This is not to say people can't offer advice outside of their experiience, or what their body looks like they experienced. It just give some perspective to where the post is coming from.

These are just some thoughts. But without pictures, do I even have any credibility?



Not only can older people be stupid and ignorant but they have the advantage of practicing these traits for years. They are better at it.
As for your thoughts on performance or pictures to back up ones credibility....It will never happen.
That is because the majority rules and the majority has no pictures that they would want to post in public and no performance to tell about.
Thats ok. Thats the way it's always been.
Watch out for the little dogs snapping at the heels.


How about a pic either performance oriented, aethetics or both along with our profiles instead of with our posts. That way we can keep our cool avatars and not have to look at a bunch of pictures in off-topic threads like "rifle lovers" where it doesn't matter what we look like?


Yea...we can have a new avatar for every thread, like for rifle lovers
I can show a picture of me hunting ducks and for politics a picture of
me watching cnn.

Just kidding, but your right about not having to look at tons pics of
all the posters. In the profiles would do it nicely.


After thinking about this, I thought of another reason I like this. If people posted more pics, we can see who has stuck with it and actually made progress over the years.


I know, it's a sign of old age too...


I think it's just a sign of not having a sense of humor.


I used to be apathetic, but I just can't bothered anymore.....