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Monday With Waterbury


I'm here for questions. Anything profound or perplexing in your world?


hello ....I would like your thoughts on what does a police officer needs to excel out on the street. what properties does one need like does he need a strong posterior chain a strong grip does he really need endurance or more strength endurance i started a thread on it but no one really is answering...thanks


what sort of periodaztion do you use with your athletes vs your average person training for excellence? Is it Bompa's version or more of Staley verion where each goal(hypertrohpy,strength,power) are all train somewhat with one being the main purpose?



I was reading through all your old articles and I keep noticing you mentioning about working a muscle group up to 6 times a week. I know one of your Branding Iron articles mentions don't even try this with Full Body and QD is up to 4 time per week, but is this something you're currently testing and experimenting with? 5 or even 6 days a week?

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but it seems like you might be developing a program where you can work each bodypart daily with various rep/sets/intensities and exercise plane movements to keep the body fresh as possible.

You even have a note and the end of your articles- "Note: My ultimate goal is to teach trainees how to hit each muscle group up to six times per week, but I'll save that information for a later date since this is a mandatory intermediate step to the next level."

What's up?



I'm finishing Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States", and I've really enjoyed it regardless of the lefty tilt. I'm also reading the "1950's" by David Halberstam. I found both from the Feed Your Head column, so thanks to you and TC.

Are there any other good history books you recommend? I'm reading mainly American history right now.

I do have a question about rack lockouts...does the movement start from the bottom, or do you unrack the bar, lower it and allow it to rest on the catch pins before pressing?

I'm using the latter method but I don't feel the work in the triceps, mainly the front of my shoulders. The weight I'm able to use for the rack lockouts is close to what I bench with; shouldn't you be able to lift much more on the rack lockouts? I am wondering if I need more tricep work (accessory workouts).

I am also trying to improve my deadlift. Would extra 20-30 minute workouts for the hamstrings, abs, lats, etc. be beneficial or would the law of diminishing returns kick in quicker?


When you prescribe 10x3 or 8x3 etc. I'm assuming those are all work sets; What would you suggest for warm-up?



What basic perameters do you employ when using twice-a-day training? Do you simply double the current routine, or does the second workout complement the first? Should both workouts target the same muscle group/movement? How long can this type of training be used before backing off becomes necessary?


A police officer needs to possess all of those qualities. You hit on some key areas. Specifically, you must be super strong in your posterior chain and with your grip. The reasons are obvious if you're looking into becoming an officer. Also, you must be able to run for moderate distances. I suggest you build up your capacity to run 2 miles within 13-14 minutes. That will help greatly when a fleer is fleeing.

My SOB Training program would be perfect for you since you need maximal strength and endurance. Combine it with running sessions on your off days. I suggest you jog for 2 miles and slowly build up your endurance by upping your running speed each week. Merely increasing your speed 0.2mph works well. Before you know it, you'll be running 2 miles within the recommended time frame.


I generally use a conjugate type periodization model. In other words - depending on the trainees' needs - I'll train up to 3 strength qualities each week. If you're familiar with my writings, you'll know that I stay far away from linear periodization schemes.


Have you been snooping through my personal files? Wow, that question was kinda surreal. Let me say this, I just submitted an article on this exact topic. In other words, you'll have your answer very soon. In the meantime, I don't want to give away much. Stay tuned!


I wish. Thanks. I was curious becasue I'm changing jobs and currently have some time off so I wanted to train every day (5-6 days a week)for a month or so.

I am doing the ABBH program currently. Can I do that on a 2 on, 1 off schedule for a month and then go back to a more normal 3-4 days per week when my job demands increase?

Thanks Chad. Look forward to your article!


Wow, that's a smorgasbord of a post. History books and triceps - I like it!

I just finished reading the following books and I highly recommend all of them:

War Trash by Ha Jin
Genghis Khan by Jack Weatherford
The Iliad by Homer (I know, I'm late in the game with this one)

Also, on deck is 1776 by David McCullough. He's the godfather of American History writings. I suggest you check him out.

As for the lockouts. Usually, I recommend starting and ending from the position where the BB rests on the pins. I don't recommend racking and re-racking during this exercise since the loads can get very high. In addition, there's just no need to do so. The fact that you can't lock-out more than you bench means your triceps are weak. It's good that you're performing this exercise since it's one of the best. Read my Primed for Muscle article for a supramaximal hold technique that will further your gains.

Yes, extra posterior chain work is a damn good idea.


Whatever you find effective is what I recommend. I usually prescribe 2-3 sets of 2-4 reps with 70-80% of your training load. Personally, I rarely perform warm-ups with either method. But that doesn't mean you should do the same. If warming up builds your confidence and is easier on your joints, do it.


Hi Chad
I have a question regarding the optimal (if there is such a thing) frequency for strength training. How long between training sessions can there be before you start to decrease strength?

For the past 12 months I have trained bench twice to 3x per week with mixed results , and am now trying just training bench 1x per week ( had good results so far ? 3 weeks) but would like to know if I could drop it to once x 5 or 6 days or even maybe extend it to 8 or 9 days?
My current routine is
Day 1 bench cluster (10 sec rest)
5 x 87% 1 rm
5 x 90 %
5 x 92%
2 board press 3 x 5 reps
Eccentric bench @ 110%
1 set 4-6 reps

Then I have added just 1 rep on 90% RM on day 4 (scared that I will drop strength if I don?t revisit it for 7 days!)
Any ideas?


Chad thank you .....but i work in a very big city I dont think anything more then 800 meters would be too much of a run......more like 400 meters would be good..do u think your SOB training would be still good with maybe 200 sprints or 400 sprints and how much to i dont burn out?



I don't recommend messing with ABBH. If you have more time to train, go for TTT, TBT, WM, or QD. If you're a novice I suggest you save QD for last.


Initially, I'll have trainees merely cut the workout in half and perform the first half in the AM and the second half in the PM. This allows for larger training loads and it builds your work capacity. From that point I'll slowly increase the volume so each session is close to my 24 set/rep minimum threshold. You should use both different exercises and different parameters for each session (the more different, the better). But you can, and should, hit the same muscle groups in each AM/PM session.


Well, your post involves many points that would require a HUGE response. But I'll keep it short. First, training your chest 3x/week is a good idea but you must thoroughly understand the importance of training different strength qualities with vastly different parameters. I would assume you didn't do that and you became overtrained. That's why the 1x/week is currently working for you. Basically, you're in a detraining phase that allows you to now recover between workouts. But you must increase your frequency to at least 2x/week. Focus one session on maximal strength and the other on speed strength. In other words, your first workout would include >80% of 1RM while your other is around 60% of 1RM with fast tempos.


Please re-phrase this. I don't understand.



I've used several of your programs (WM, TBT, HH), all with great success. I'm currently using SFM while leaning out (strict diet, 2 sprinting days, 1 day of 60 min moderate cardio - all of course on non-training days). I was planning on following this up with your QD program, because I thought I'd be primed for some decent hypertrophy after the past 4 weeks of fat loss.

I was, however, now considering trying to continue with the fat loss once I start the QD. Do you think I should consider perhaps something less demanding than QD, or just go for it? I should I add that I will be mildly "assisted" while attempting this, if it makes any difference

current stats: 6' 2" ,242 pounds, 8-9 % bodyfat, trying like hell to get down that last little bit to 5-6%