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Monday...Prime Time!!!


Warning: grouchy old tired man at the computer. Ask dumb questions and be taunted...

Hey, three weeks of discus camp have made me tired and mean. If you write "discuss camp," I will edit your questions...


Hey, old tired and grouchy as they say in the Marines,"Pain builds character, more pain builds more character". So where do you stand right now?

Also, if one wanted to get involved in the Highland games how would one go about it? Where are they held?


What would be the best way to fix uneven lats?(as in my right is far bigger than my left due to playing sports)


Morning Dan.

I'm starting to work out more outside near my home w/my 25 lb, 30 lb, and 50 lb dumbbells. I have access to a YMCA which is where I usually lift, but I enjoy working out outside at home better plus with my busy schedule it's more convenient than going to the YMCA. I'm going to purchase a 60 or 75 lb db soon too. I'm going to do something similiar to your "One Cheap Idea" article as far as db clean and presses and also this weekend I incorporated some strongman/odd stuff such as: car pushing (ironically my calves are sore!), farmer walks up a hill, carrying people for distance, etc.

My question is of rep ranges:

You stated in one of your audio interviews (I think the one w/the Home Gym thing) that the max weight you worked out w/at home before entering your first olifting contest was 155lbs but you were able to lift 308 lbs at the meet.

  1. Do you think that doing many many reps are the key to getting stronger as opposed to always lifting super heavy singles? Another good example of this theory was something I experienced this weekend: I never practice weighted pullups but I was able to do a single pullup w/my 50 lb dumbbell in between my feet I'm assuming due to the fact that I do a set of pullups/chinups (around 10 reps w/just bodyweight)almost everyday?

In other words, can I get stronger by lifting a weight that's submaximal (like maybe 70-80% of 1RM) many many times equaling many many total reps?



I have often watched Strongman perform the Atlas Stone contest where they lift a weight to their chest and then set it or place it on a block. It reminds me of how many times I did the similar move with bales of alfalfa or heavy bags of grain on the farm. It is a very natural movement and I wanted to know if you think there would be any value in trying to duplicate this with a barbell. Sort of like doing a continental to the chest height and then placing the bar forward on some sort of blocks.

Ever do anything like this? too much of a risk from a safety standpoint?

Any thought would be appreciated



Hey Dan, which program works:)?


Greetings from a fellow Highlander,
Will a neutral grip DB row work the scapular/"balance out tooooo much benching" muscles as well as barbell row?
It's time for me to change my horizontal row but I don't want to start having a shoulder imbalance again.


I never worry about stuff like this...this would be better to ask one of the "Body Comp" guys here on T-Mag. Arnold said to work this on Wednesdays...


First, to do this...you have to do it. It takes a level of courage. You have to jump and make it happen. Then, you have to test it. I went four months doing this and did very very well...


Try the sandbag, alfalfa bag idea...or even big pieces of logs. I am not a fan of non strongman competitors doing the stones. Like you said, a lot can go wrong...fast. I'm not saying wear pink and spandex and gloves...I'm just saying that the "cost to benefit" ratio might be better with bags....



Thanks for your answer.


I think I remember you saying this on a previous thread but....

  1. Do you feel that farmer walks are more all around beneficial (for whole body and grip strength) than the COC grippers?

  2. Also, would you say that medium to high rep ranges (5-10 per set) can increase your 1RM? For example, you were able to lift 308 lbs by only working out w/155 lbs at home before your first meet. How?

Was it because you "greased that groove" many many times w/a submaximal weight? Some have also said that lifting too close to your 1RM too frequently can burn out your CNS.


Oh I get it he said he is grummpy so your trying to get him to snap! Funny.


DJ: now, I think this, yes. Not everybody...

DJ: I think CNS burn up (out) is more common than we think, so that is part of it. One other thing: I have no bar fear with low 300's, so I could probably train lighter than some others. I am simply not going to miss a 300ish clean...too old and dumb.


I know that the German throwers do a "bench row" like this for this reason, but I think you could get the same from pullups. Go low tech. Jump up and pull up.


At the Power and Bulk forum, they have a place called "Kip's House of Hurt." Read. Learn. HGs are held everywhere. The BEST are the "Old School" ones where men of courage and strength (vixens, too) get together and throw whatever and eat and drink. I am starting to dislike the ones that are track meets in kilts with official weigh ins, 55 classes ("Gold Medals for everybody!!!") and drag on forever. I have even been to HGs that ban booze.

I mean...c'mon...what is the fun of throwing boulder sober?


Hey, Dan, what's your opinion of those head harness things to build your neck muscles? My apologies if you've already discussed this in the past.




1) your newsletter is really awesome

2) What frequency,exercises, set/rep ranges have you seen trap hypertrohpy develop best in?



I know that you and Charles Poliquin feel that pullups/chinups are superior to bent over rows. Why is that?

I actually don't row either but do a lot of pullups? Some people feel that you should do both but since I do power cleans/power snatches and deadlifts I feel that I get enough pulling in a different plane than pullups.


Hahahahah You are so funny Dan.

I feel that!