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Monday: Prime Time!


Yeah, Prime Time. This is what I'm talking about...

I always hated that cliche, "This is what I'm talking about." I mean, what does that really mean, anyway.

Anyhow, what is on your mind(s)?


What are you talking about?

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to reply. Thanks for all the articles and advice!




Hope you had a glorious Father's Day.

When at the gym and seeing someone doing an exercise with terrible and potentially dangerous form, do you offer advice or just ignore the situation?

I have offered suggestions to one or two people in the past but afterwards wondered if I came off as know-it-all blowhard.


Hi Dan...

Just wanted to bounce something off you. For a time I was benching with a fairly wide grip, with index fingers 1.5-2 inches outside the power rings. I was developing a radiating ache in my left arm. I could feel what I can only describe as a "channel" of pain along my upper arm down to my forearm, just by pushing into the muscles of the triceps and forearms. Pushups with a normal hand spacing hurt, narrow-grip chinups hurt, etc.

I laid off for a week, and came back to the bench using a much narrower hand spacing (middle fingers around power ring). No pain. Sound like nerve impingement to you?


DJ my training partner and I recently acquired "broken" 70 lbs and 60lb db's(1 each) from our grym, we also are getting a 400lb tire this saturday. He does landscaping so he has products like stump removers and the such. Could you give us some suggestion for using these products to train outside?



Thanks for all of your time and answers.I really appreciate it.

  1. Should I do my stair sprints before or after I eat my breakfast? For maximum fat loss, how many days per week should I do them?

  2. How does sprinting up stairs (approx. 150 steps)one or two trips up and down (so a total of approx. 5 minutes work time) compare to say jogging outside for 30 minutes for fat loss/heart health purposes?

  3. I've been reading and applying your more sleep theory for fat loss. Your site has a great read on the summer vs. winter thing.

  4. I know that you are very fond of pullups (as I am too) and I was wondering what you thought was their "push" (since pullups utilize your pulling muscles)bodyweight equivalent?

  5. What do you think of swimming for fat loss/heart health/resistance training?

  6. Do you go ass to grass (couple of inches from the ground) when you snatch and/or overhead squat? I've seen some people stop at parallel but I've read that not only is ass to grass harder but it enhances your flexibility, strengthens your hamstring/glutes more than parallel, strengthens your knee, etc. Thoughts?



How would you train a 40 year old accountant who could train every day on his lunch hour, and who just wanted to be gasp generically fit, big and strong. No competitions (not a powerlifter, oly lifter, strongman, bodybuilder) - just able to play with the kids, hoops with the guys, and not feel like he's 80 years old, move the furniture for the neighbors, not be embarrassed to take off his shirt, etc. Literally, just generically in good shape.

What lifts, loading schemes, etc. (would you even try the oly lifts?)

Just curious,



Coach John,

I did a LOT of lighter pulls this weekend. 10 x 3 power snatches to rock bottom OHS squats with a 2-3 second pause at the bottom. That was my training session on Saturday and on Sunday I did 10 x 3 full squat clean and jerks. Then I did concentration curls. j/k. All reps felt very explosive and there was never a doubt that I was going to miss a lift. Tomorrow night there will be a 'mock' meet.

After that, with the exception of joint mobility work, I likely won't touch a weight until the meet on Saturday or do anything else. What do you think? Thanks again for your anticipated response.



That is a tough one. Usually, I just file it away. Few people really want my advice. I mean, really, what guy in a gym wants to hear: "Squat!"


Outside my area...I have found with great success that don't do what hurts...


Well, invent a strongman contest between you two and just keep trying fun stuff. At the end, write down the stuff that worked and do just those next time. The third time, do the stuff that didn't work the first time and change it so it does.

Push stuff, throw stuff, pull stuff, flip stuff.


Well, crossfit lives for this kind of thing. Check out their site. Also, try the O lifts as they are the best bang for the buck I know. Find my article about "One Lift a Day" and do that...


My best meet training is usually "off." I think you are on the right track here!


Let's toss this question out to my regular readers. I will give points to the first person to answer them all correctly...in Dan Johnese.


Both although I recommend before breakfast, find out what works for u

Sprinting is more anaerobic less stress on the knees and can enhance muscle mass, in short much better. Try sled dragging too


Handstand pressups are probably the closest thing to a bodyweight equipment, I like to superset with the military press though

I like the water for stretching as well very good for the joints (especially after a hard rugby match)

You've got it in one, full range of motion is the best


Well, I'm definitely a "regular reader" of your stuff so I'll try to answer my own questions and you grade me:)

  1. many different combinations are possible but do them AFTER you eat breakfast and do them 3 times per week

  2. stair sprints are better because they are more intense

  3. no answer needed

  4. old fashioned pushups

  5. probably good but you are (meaning you Dan) are too big to be swimming and have never really been interested in it

  6. ass to grass


i'm willing to get some wrong, and i haven't read DJ's take on all of this stuff, but i'll give a go anyhoo:

  1. eat a lil something first, 2 or 3
  2. it's better
  3. true
  4. overhead press
  5. ok if towing other swimmers behind you
  6. yup, yup



I have a hard enough time writing and speaking in Sullyese let alone the advanced wit and wisdom of Dan Johnese.

  1. Have a "small" amount of protein 30-45 minutes before

2.Much more intense than jogging. Probably to intense for fat loss

3.eat. Sleep. Pray. Good Boy.

4.Push ups?

5.no, yes, no

6.Go Deep. Frequently. Good.

[quote]Danny John wrote:
Let's toss this question out to my regular readers. I will give points to the first person to answer them all correctly...in Dan Johnese.


Springcoil...the early leader.

I would have used the words "massive," "bro," and "dude," more...

I would turn off the computer and trust your feelings.

Sometimes, the only answer is "try it."


I hope you seriously consider the One Lift a Day idea...I was just working out and reminded myself of how hard it is to actually want to do more work after 45 minutes with one exercise. By the way, pick an idea and run with it for a few days and get back to us...