Monday on Prime Time T-Nation

Tonight on Prime Time T-Nation from 7PM to 10PM EST, strength coaches Christian Thibaudeau, Chad Waterbury, and Eric Cressey.

Holly Ass fuck Batman, i’m so watching!

is this AMERICAN TV?

We could only hope American TV could be so educational. Well outside of learning how to stab people in the back on shows like Big Brother, making a fool of yourself while drunk on shows like the Real World, getting married to someone you just met, learning to keep your motivation to become a singer after being told you suck from shows like American Idol, etc. You get the point…

[quote]MrBigorexia wrote:
is this AMERICAN TV?[/quote]

Hey All:

Is this truly on T.V. Im sorry I must have missed this. Not sure what channel. I live on the north coast of OHIO. Where can I find this.

Semper Fi

This thread is funny…

No, it’s not on TV.

For those who seem to be new to T-Nation, Prime Time is what we call it when several T-Nation training and nutrition experts all get online at once on this site and field your questions (for free.)

It happens every weekday night except Friday. Many nights feature different experts and TC always announces who’s coming on that night in threads like this.


I have just started your “Waterbury Method” program, and will post my results in 4 weeks for everyones entertainment (inc. a picture or two). Therein you suggest 20 mins or so cardio on “off days”.


  1. Do you consider the GPP workout you posted on here to be suitable for the “off-day cardio”?

  2. I would like to try your suggested low-pully cable bench press for the regular bb/dumbbell bench press on day 3 (per your “build a huge chest…” article); but I was wondering: do you consider that too much chest-emphasis for this program?

Thanks for your excellent articles!