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Monday on Prime Time T-Nation


Tonight on Prime Time T-Nation from 7PM to 10PM EST, strength coaches Chad Waterbury, Dan John, and Mike Robertson, along with nutritionist Dave Barr. Also, in his continuing "Summer Safety" series, Tim Patterson applies salve to a fitness model who has accidentally frolicked naked through a patch of poison ivy. Music by Celine Dion.


I hear you have to rub that stuff in real good.


I hope not to sound too foolish, but I am new to the site and am looking on how to listen/read the Prime Time. Is that the Double Tap? Thanks.


shouit, welcome to T-Nation!

Between 7 and 10 PM EST, you'll see a box on the left side of the screen that lists the experts who are answering questions at that time. They usually have a thread on the forum started where you can ask them questions, or you can click on their name to see where they've posted last.

Hope that helps, but ask if you have any other questions!