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Monday, DJ Prime Time


I'm coming to an interesting idea about using multiple bars in training...I think it is better than what I usually do. Ah...I will write an article about it.


I did that a lot in college...it gets expensive if they all charge a cover.



How's the football season and the new job going?


Big win Friday...life is good.


Coach -- I am a 47-year old fat guy trying to be back in shape (about 50 lbs overweight). I have started cleaning up my diet and walking every day (starting slow). I have been looking at Crossfit as my stand-alone program to get back in shape. What is your opinion on Crossfit as a stand-alone program?

I saw your earlier post on mixing Crossfit and your OLAD (which looked very interesting). Your website has the Performance Menu download there so I assume you are somewhat a fan of Crossfit. Is your mix of Crossfit and OLAD better in your opinion given Crossfit seems to be more into endurance training? Your previous posts have inspired me to "show up." I am just not sure where I am going.


hi that dan. two questions for now. what kind of exercises, movments, or strength qualities should i spend most of my time on. Should it be an equal mix of strength, explosiveness, and maybe a little hypertrophy or prehad work thrown in. also, do you like training using mutiple rep ranges in a week or even in a session or do you prefer focusing on one type of training before moving on. thanks a bunch


Coach, I'm currently doing the olympic olympic lifts, power versions, 3 days a week.

To supplement jerks, what do you recommend ?

Also, I know yours and the Pacifica program don't incorporate shoulder work, outside of incline presses and behind the necks. Having discomfort in my shoulders after heavy clean&jerks, is there any common reason/solution you see for this ?


I'm not a fan of "better," but I think crossfit...with adaptions for you...would be excellent. Here is the thing, you need some general work...you know, running, rowing, swimming, push ups, pullups, sit ups blah blah blah...so how are you going to structure it? Crossfit gives you a means to do this. Now, at dragondoor, I have a workout with dice that you might want to consider. Slap down six exercises, then another six, then a few training ideas (six), roll the dice and make a workout.


Clean and Jerk
three times a week...twenty singles with each.

My cure for all ills.


I can't let this go without saying something:

"Also, I know yours and the Pacifica program don't incorporate shoulder work, outside of incline presses and behind the necks. "

Let's see we snatched three times a week, jerked five times, did high pulls, incline bench presses and behind the neck presses twice a week. How...really...does one work one's shoulders, if this doesn't do it?

True, I never did those goofy raises with the dumbbells...


To supplement Jerks, I like doing these:

One military off the rack, return to chest,
One Push Jerk, return to chest,
One jerk, return to back of head
One behind the neck push jerk...rack the bar.


You're quite right. Of course I meant "direct", whatever that means, shoulder work.

Hell no no dumbbell raises, Coach, you raised me better than that.

Can't you see my big ass tire ... ?

Thanks for the input on the jerk supplementing. I have a feeling there's nothing a little more frequent use can't cure.
(was gonna say "a little more frequent jerking"..)


Yes, blindness can happen.

I think shoulders are best worked with Military Presses. I'm not sure there is anything else...


Thanks Coach. Can I assume "with adaptations" means I should not plan on doing the Crossfit workout as prescribed given my current state of fitness or did you mean something else? I have to admit that the WODs for a beginner, and one like me who is out of shape badly, look rather intimidating. Nevertheless, I am going to go for it.


Absolutely. You know, people will look at my workouts and say, "Hell, you hardly did anything."

One of my workouts, 7 sets of 5 in the Power Snatch started at 205 and went to 245 for sets of five, backed off and went to 255. Well, now...that is radically different than snatching 65 pounds for 7 sets of 5. Same "workout" - different scale.

Scale. A lost concept for many...


So, Danny, what is the secret of life?


Ah...glad you asked.

Fiber. A good bowel movement.

You expected more? Sorry. That's really about it.


Dan, I just started reading "From the Ground Up". This seems to be a very good program so far. I am 31 but I need to go back to basics, cause I have been trying to train like someone who is advanced and I don't beleive I have a very good strength foundation, so this may be a good place to restart, the beginning.


What is this program "From The Ground Up". Can you explain?


Dan, what are your thoughts on bodybuilding or lifting for vanity?