Mon-Wed-Fri Workout

So I’m starting the -Diet on Monday. I am relatively new to weightlifting, I’m currently 6’, 203lbs. I was planning on following this workout here:

I’ve looked around this site and this seems to be the most complete workout guide that I could find. For all you experienced lifters, does this workout sound right for me?

Yes, but what is your exercise selection going to be?

Put at least one of the big three (squat, deadlift, bench) into every workout. There not a lot of antagonistic compound exercises for your lower body but don’t neglect that area. You could do front squats which work more on your quads and back squats which work glute/hamstrings more. There is still a lot of overlap but that’s ok.

just wanted to wish you good luck starting the v-diet today!!! get ready for all the shakes