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Mom's Recovery (Osteoporosis, Vitamin D and Exercises)

Hey all, hope you are doing well.
My mother is recovering from Covid.
Her blood results are good with cholesterol only slightly elevated.
Her doctor sent her to do some screenings and she’s been diagnosed with osteoporosis.
After that, she is done vitamine d blood test and it’s very low (although she is taking 2000ui since november).
These are the results, can someone translate how serious osteo levels are and should she increase Vitamine D intake? She is 61.
Her next appointment with doc is in 2 weeks so I would like to know earlier.
Also, I’v been thinking to start with some basic exercises (squats, deadlifts with small weight etc), what do you think?
Cheers guys.

It classifies your mother as high risk for fracture.
She needs to take aggressive action.
Is your mother taking any hormone replacement therapy? Maybe she should inquire about that.
Is she active at all? If not, she needs to get active, before she won’t be able to.
IMO, she needs to take a calcium/magnesium supplement. 1,000mg calcium and 400mg of magnesium every day (or somewhere around those quantities.)
She needs to start walking and get to at least 30 minutes/day all at one time. As she can accomplish the 30 minutes. She might carry 5lb dumbbells in each hand on her 30 minute walks. When that gets easy, get some 7 or 10lb dumbbells and carry for her 30 minute walks.

If she can do this for 3 months, get the doctor to run another bone density test.

Others should post their suggestions, but more than anything else she needs to get moving, even if she doesn’t feel like it.

I wish you and your mother the best.

@RT_Nomad Hey, thank you for your answer mate.
She is not taking any hormonal therapy. Her doctor only wanted to test her thyroid (tsh) and it’s normal.
Other blood tests are all in range except for slightly elevated cholesterol (I will upload the results but they are in other language, so you might have some troubles reading it). Do you think we should check other hormones as well?
Anyway, she does not workout but she is not inactive. She walks alot and is not overweight. She eats like a vegetarian/vegan though. There are some periods when she does not eat dairy at all. She usually eats oats/banana/spinach shake in the morning, then some almonds/walnuts, peanut butter with whole grain bread, different legumes, veggie pottage, etc.
Does bot eat processed food and drinks at all. She only drinks tea and unsweetened lemonade.
We will definitely include some magnesium and calcium sups and as I doubt she is getting it enough.

Hormone replacement therapy will help her bone density problem. Though there are other risk concerns.

Wait a minute,

Just a few thoughts from a swedish physician.

First up - Please consider the dangers of getting health advise for your mother on this forum. Being interested in an illness, or even having suffered from it - does not mean anyone have the eyes of your mother’s physician.

Vitamin D is in optimal range. Do not exceed the normal dosage of vitamin D. Yes, osteoporosis it is.

Your mother’s physician will take care of this. There is no need of rushing things here, since its not an acute disorder, and the osteoporosis has developed over a long period of time.

She will probably be prescribed bisphosphonates (against bone resorbtion) along with calcium and vitamin D supplementation. Physiotherapy is advised in order to not overdo the loading of weights and assist in individualized rehab of osteoporosis. The physician may also consider a more recent treatment with monoclonal antibodies (for bone construction) and/or a period with hormonal treatment. A follow up bone scan will be scheduled in 6-12 months.

Best of luck! This will turn out well as your mother now knows this and can act appropriately.

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