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Momentum While Lifting

I was watching a video of someone lifting and they were using lots of momentum to get the weight up, majorly rocking out of posture, and were going really fast. Like say that your doing horizontal rowing, rocking forward and then throwing your body weight back in an effort to pull the weight. Is this a specific type of training? Like for powerlifting? Or just cheating?

Was it Bertil Fox? I love that video.

You’re stronger mid-way through a curl than you are at the bottom of it, so it’s valid to cheat your way through the bottom so you can overload the mid-point. Up the poundages though obviously & give it as much socks as you would anything else.

Cheating alot with much higher poundages does tend to increase your chances of picking up an injury though.

I would think it’d be cheating.

I’ve seen several guys at the gym doing this before. I keep wondering when one of them is going to come up with a major injury. However, most of them are pretty big so maybe they know something I don’t.

They just lift weights, all there is to it =p

No it wasn’t Fox.

I thought it looked like an injury waiting to happen too, but they were bigger and stronger than I so my observation means nothing. I guess its like ballistic stretching, best left to the experienced.

Could be cheat curls or variation. Sounds to me like they might be doing power cleans, which would be a valid use of momentum. Post a link to the vid if you want a definite answer.

You have to remember that advanced lifters are… advanced.

Elite powerlifters, strongmen, and even bodybuilders are generally very good at keeping a neutral spine even during exercises like power rows. Olympic lifters can squat with a bar speed that would put the regular lifter on his ass.

People need to use caution before attempting to do anything they saw an elite lifter do on an internet video. The average lifter tends to forget about things like neutral spine when they start using excessive momentum in lifts, so be careful.

PS - These words of caution are not a free pass to work out without intensity.