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Momentum and Inertia


Old log here:



Did toting and hauling at a construction site today so no training for me.


you takin' day laborer jobs?

anything on that earlier job possibility?


Pretty much. Just helping out my friend who's a general contractor get ready for an inspection.

No word on the prospect yet. Had a bite from Verizon but the hours were from 7PM to 7AM. I'll go there if I have to, but I'm not there yet.


Note to self - Doing reps on this program will make the rest of the week suck. Stick to singles and don't rush it or do it only on the first session back after layoff when there is more recovery capacity to draw on.



230 1x5


410 1x5

165 1x5

Cheat Rows
250 1x5 sets

BB Curls

DB OH Triceps Extensions
30 10x3 sets


Recovery capacity is definitely a limiting factor for me. Sad but true.


Couple of special things


He's only 20 fer cryin' out loud.


Got the results (kinda) for the virtual meet.

SQ - 375 (looks like 395 didn't pass)
BP - 260
DL - 475
Total: 1110

Total - 3rd among all lifters past and present
SQ - 4th (up from 6th)
BP - 11th up from 16th
DL - 2nd (unchanged)

I had me figured for 1130 total since I thought my 395 squat was better than my 375. Oh well - at least I'm top 5 in three areas.

Here's the meet:


Wow, they redlighted your opener as well for depth. All three squat attempts looked good to me. The german kid's depth, on the other hand . . .

Great total, congrats!


Thanks Jack.

I was actually surprised they passed the 2nd bench attempt since I didn't hold it at the top, but racked it almost immediately.


those vids are totally inspirational! I thought for sure that kid was going to do a quarter squat. proved me wrong.

and good job on the meet. 3rd in all is not a bad place to be. what makes this sweeter is your own progress in every single lift.


Nice work.

Will do you do a real, live in-person meet?


Strong Work Tony.

have your bouncy plates arrived yet?\


Just the 35's so far. 45's and 25's and 15's are on back order. Should be here in about a month.


Okay - so my health goals have just expanded to include cardiovascular fitness. The current program makes no allowance for running/jumping/sprinting and other such CV tomfoolery, so it looks like I'm going to start up 5/3/1 again.

Settle down MJ.



Cycle 1, week 1, day1 - MP

BBB sets
100 10x5 sets

BW 10x5 sets

Unreasonable, ridiculous pump in my shoulders and lats.


Predicts the ladies will be in here asking for pic of the pumped up shoulders.

Ahhhh 5/3/1 the one true faith.....


I do look good for a wrinkly old duffer on the edge of senescence, but my camera is broken after I left it in the garage for too many nights.

...not that I'm full of myself or anything like that...


My loss.

And, since when did I get old enough to oogle "wrinkly old duffers"?...oh, right. Don't answer that.