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Momcanlift.... The ReBeginning


Okay girls, after constant urging by my training partner/boyfriend, Crow, I'm finally starting a training/progress log. My name is Cori, I'm a full-time nursing student and mother of three wonderful children. I'm also 100% bitten by the iron bug. I love lifting heavy weights and feeling myself get stronger each workout. 3 years ago I weighed 270lbs, this morning the scale read 159.

I'm getting a BODPOD measurement this morning, so I'll post the results later. I'm using the 5/3/1 program to improve my raw strength with the bench, squat, dead, and military. I've competed in one powerlifting meet and plan to continue competing because it totally rocks!

We also train the olympic lifts occasionally, along with strongman events. Yet I also love aerobic conditioning which I have to do alone (Crow hates all forms of cardio).

My next meet is in November here are my goals:
Squat 185
Bench 135
Deadlift 225

Here is a video of my first full cycle of 5/3/1 since my last meet.


Cori, welcome! I'll look forward to following your training.

Thanks for the video. We love video 'round these parts. I am super glad to see that someone besides me has been unable to get the damn barbell off their boobages in a bench press. :slight_smile:


WOW @ your weight loss and Congrats on your first meet..

you stay busy, huh? I hear nursing school is brutal!


Hi.. Welcome. That's an awesome job on the weight loss and I hope you keep your love of training.

Just a comment though... the guy spotting your squat looked like he was going to crap himself. Pretty funny to watch :slightly_smiling:


Finally, its about time you started a log!


Welcome Cori! Awesome weight loss, congrats!
Looking forward to seeing your numbers going up!



Hi Cori! Thanks for the vids and yeah, your squat spotter - freakin hilarious!

Your goals sounds great! Can't wait to follow along.


WOW!!!!! you have so much to be proud of and excited about!! i can't wait to see you reach your gaols--and you totally will:)



Axe Press 50x5 58x5 65x8 65x5 58x5 50x15
CG Pulldowns 75x10,10,10 87/10,10,9
DB Rows 45x8,8 50x8,8
Plate Raises + Band Pull Aparts 2 sets
Tri Cable Ext 4 sets
DB Tri Ext 2 sets


Back Squat 105x5 120x5 135x8 135x5 110x5 105x8
Uni Leg Press emptyx6,6 20x6,7
Double KB Swings 25#/5x10
Tire Flips 1,1,2,4,6


Bench Press 80x5 95x5 105x6 105x5 95x5 80x17
BB Push Press 65/4x3
T-Bar Rows 45x10 70x8,8 90x6,6
3 Post. DB Raises 2 sets
Hammer Curls 4 sets



Deadlift 145x5 165x5 190x9 190x5 165x5 145x15
Good Mornings 85x8 100x8,8
Frame Walks 200#/4x100ft


beautiful workouts!! :slight_smile:


That is some seriously fine deadlifting and GMs. Is a frame walk like a farmer's walk?


Thanks! I'm very proud of the deadlifts. My previous PR with 190 was 4 reps (my 1RM is 210), so 190x9 is huge!!. I can't wait to max out again. The frame is very similar to the farmers walk. Its a one piece implement that you stand in and walk, kinda like a hex deadlift bar.


Video of the first week's final sets. Sorry we didn't record the bench press (105x6).


Cori: Your story is inspiring. I enjoy your videos. I do worry about your back. You shoot your hips up in all your DLs, which transfers all the stress to your lower back. Try to drive your heels through the floor and start the bar moving before your hips rise. Good luck!


^ I noticed that too.


Great going on the weight loss. I'm always amazed at this huge transformations, considering I seem to have been losing and gaining the same 10lbs my entire life. Grrr.

5/3/1 is popular around here too. I was on it earlier in the year until I managed to injure my back and had to stop squats and deadlifts. (So yes, watch the back - you only get one!)



Axe Press 53x3 63x3 70x5,3 63x3 53x11
CG Pulldowns w/fat gripz 50x10 62x10 75x10 87x10 62x9
DB Rows 45x5 50x5,5 55x5
Plate Raise + Band Pull Aparts 2 sets
Cable Ext 3 sets
Uni DB Ext 3 sets


Back Squat 110x3 130x3 145x6hi,5 130x3 110x8
Uni Leg Press emptyx6 +20#/6 +30#/6
Tire Flips 1,2,3,7


Bench Press 90x3 100x3 110x1,3,3 100x3 90x11
BB Jerks 55/3 65/3x3
T-Bar Rows 45/8 70/6 90/6,6
3Post. DB Raises 2 sets
Hammer Curls 3 sets


Cori, great video! You might want to experiment with ditching the shoes for squats and deads. I never thought it would make a difference, but it really has helped me alot.


x2- major difference. I feel more stable and grounded. If it makes any sense.