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Mom Won't Give Me Eggs


Hey, so when I first started working out, my mom was all for it and all that. She'd try to cook healthier food for me and supported me working out. I'm 15.

Now, she is interfering with everything related to my progress. First, she keeps telling me that I am getting "too big." What the hell is that? I'm f*in puny. She won't like me in a few years if she thinks that I'm too big now.

Next, she read some articles on the internet by some "experts" and now she's telling me that my diet is unhealthy. I eat nothing but meat, fish, vegetables, and eggs. I drink nothing but water, and lots of it. I take BCAAs, fish oil, Protein powder, and Creatine. She thinks that my supplements are drugs and that eating a repetitive diet is unhealthy.

For breakfast, I eat 3 soft boiled eggs and some vegetables. First, she told me that soft boiled eggs are unhealthy and I can get sick and now, she makes hard boiled eggs. I'm telling her that the nutrients get baked out, but she won't listen.

Now, she's telling me that eating eggs, and so many of them, every day is extremely unhealthy. She won't make me eggs for breakfast anymore. I told her fine, just buy them and I'll get up 30 minutes earlier (very healthy, considering I already get up at 6) and cook them myself. She's saying that she won't even buy more eggs. She wants me to eat cottage cheese or some crappy "health" cereal for breakfast.

Honestly, this is ridiculous and she is quite a candidate to be telling me that what I am doing is unhealthy. I come here in hopes of either finding a way to convince her that my diet is fine or finding out what the next best thing to eat for breakfast is if she won't let me have eggs.

Please help me; I need Protein.
Than you


Buy a chicken. Collect its eggs. Use the male for cockfighting.



I would also say to dis-own your mother and move into a ran down underground gym become a hermit and come back in 20 years a giant,ugly ogre of a beast and say "see mom,if you gave me eggs I wouldnt be like this"

cottage cheese is good,she sounds liek my mom she was like ,stop lifting so heavy take it easy.
but I showed her posts on here and talked with her about what I learned not only from the last few months on here but from years in the past of lifting.

maybe show her that the advice you are taking is good advice from seasoned vets and you really are doing it right

she is worried about you and doing what she knows from what shes learned in her day.

educate her,but softly because after all she is still the mother.it is also a good excuse to educate yourself a little more too.
also nutrients dont get baked out if she will allow you to have hard boiled eggs go for it.




nichaaron is much nicer than me.


That's what my doctor told me.

Alright, let me ask this:
Do you think/have a source that 3 eggs a day is healthy/unhealthy?
My mom says that if I can find 2 sources online that say that 3 eggs a day are fine, then she will let me eat them. The internet is such a reputable source.

I asked my doctor and he told me that I can eat as many eggs as I want. Apparently, the opinions of random authors on the internet are more important to her than that of my doctor.


Tell her to read this.

Edit:I think the best proof would have some people on here who consume a lot of eggs post if they have high cholesterol levels. I know we all eat a ton of eggs.


Ask her to find two peer-reviewed sources that demonstrate 3 eggs/day causes problems in healthy resistance-trained individuals. Put the onus of proof on her.


What do you think about replacing eggs with just egg whites? Would I use the egg whites that they sell in a cartridge or are those bad? Do I need to make them myself or something?

Also, egg whites have very few calories. I'd be getting my protein, but should I maybe add something so that I get more calories?


lol i have no choice but to be nice

bats to the head and belts to the ass teaches one a good dose of respect


egg whites are better than shitty cereal, if that's what you're asking. Even still, I'd be pretty mad if someone stopped me from getting my cholesterol.



Heres another one, your mom said 2 sources now u got them.
Also remind her that high saturated fat intake causes high cholesterol, and considering that your eating right(i assume) you will have a high mono and polyunsaturated fat intake which is very good; As well as low saturated fat.

"hysical activity may lower blood cholesterol levels and increase levels of desirable HDL. The higher your HDL, the better. More to the point, studies show that active people live longer."

"Increasingly, experts are recommending a combination of aerobic activity, such as brisk walking and bicycling, and strength training, commonly known as weight lifting."


No disrespect, but your mom is damn near retarded when it comes to proper nutrition.


corned beef hash is pretty good for breakfast.


I don't know what to tell you about your mom about the eggs, but if you're 15 and puny, I'm thinking you don't have to be so strict on what you consume.

As someone else said, lots of milk, but what about bread and pasta. A puny 15 year old wanting to grow needs more calories. Your diet sounds like a cutting diet when you have nothing to cut.


Yea, with a couple eggs over-easy on top.


Your situation is hilarious. I wish I could just laugh at you, but I've been there, and it's frustrating. Yet so rich...

First, its important to know your mom probably just has your best interests in mind, and that's why she's concerned with your lifting, eating, and supplementation. She knows you're young and stupid, and she just doesn't want you to hurt yourself.

The best way I've found to deal with this is to ask her specifically what she's concerned with. You'll get examples like 'too much protein will cause kidney failure' or 'more than five eggs in a week will cause a heart attack'. Bizarre health-fears abound.

All you'll really have to do is type some keywords into T-Nation's search feature and you'll probably find an article that puts that to rest.

As far as fear for your supps, just explain what they are in a calm, confidant tone. Creatine shuttles energy from muscle sugar to the point of contraction. Fish oil contains fats the body can't produce endogenously. Things like that. There's a thread in the T-cell about the specific biology behind most of them. That'd be a good source.

As for your training, tell her it's good for boys to grow. No parent can argue with that.

Whatever you do, don't tell her about this site, because she'll go here and hang out in the steroid forum and freak out. Just get information from here and make sure you understand enough to be able to explain it.

Oh, and be kind to her. She's got your best interests in mind. It's appropriate to respond to her concern with love. She just wants to make sure you'll be okay.

Oh, and it doesn't matter if your eggs are hard or soft boiled. Trust me, you're not gonna get a b-vitamin deficiency, and the protein isn't denatured.


This article discussing how a bodybuilder could easily eat 12 eggs a day and still be healthy.

"T: I know you have some rather odd recommendations concerning eggs. Tell us about those.

Mercola: Eggs are probably one of the best values in protein and a bodybuilder could easily eat a dozen a day as long as he didn't heat the yolk.

This may surprise many people as they'll be concerned about the risk of salmonella, but the reality is that salmonella is a relatively uncommon infection in healthy, cage-free, organically fed chickens."



Mercola is a douche bag idiot.

If I was your mom and knew nothing about bodybuilding I'd be concerned too. Just be happy your mom even gives a shit.


There are many independent sources backing him up on this one. I just thought the OP wanted some sources. (no I won't provide additional sources)