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Mom Cancels Kids Warcraft Account


It's probably fake but still, it's fucking HILARIOUS!


This one isn't fake.


And people wonder why skinny jeans are popular.

Skaz's video is funny as hell, sad but hilarious.

Asusvenus's only confirms why skinny jeans exist. I couldn't make it past 45 seconds or so.


Sorry for my ignorance. Skinny jeans?

(I know what they are, but I'm missing your point haha)


Wow, that's some scary shit there, he sounds like he's being possessed by a pig


Just that kid in your video is so effeminate and weak willed. He has hit puberty and is still crying like a 5 year old about a computer game.

In short, he is a fairy. Only fairy's wear skinny jeans, or even CAN wear skinny jeans for that matter.

IDK, maybe I was reaching.


Blizzard would keep his characters even if he unsubscribes, so that he can always continue his quest to be a loser when he moves out at 40 years old.


yeah, me too.


did that kid try to stick a remote up his ass??

what a pathetic loser


Now what's wrong with sticking your remote up your ass?



I love how the kid explodes into a fit of rage, but is too much of a pussy to break anything. You can see him staring at the wall deciding whether or not to put a hole in it, but decides instead to flop around on the bed like a retarded seal and stick a remote up his ass.


the dad is pretty chill haha

jose..that was the weirdest shit I have ever heard...:smiley:


That's hilarious that they captured all of that shit in vent. How fucking embarrassing for that dumb ass kid haha.


LOL im pretty sure that video was fake...the remote up the ass was a dead giveaway. The part that made me laugh the most was when he goes under the blanket and then comes out unclothed, I was like "wtf where did his clothes go!?"


I thought when the Dad yelled 'SHUT UP!' in Skaz's video and the kid clammed up straight away was hilarious


My dad never hit me, but only because I wouldn't dare pull something like that. That kids dad needs to man up.


Time to get a gaming console? I assume


How about time to get outside, join a sport and join the real world...?(and maybe eat a fucking ham sandwich)


If either one of those little cunts was my kid they wouldn't be worried about WoW because they'd be too busy looking for their fucking teeth on the floor.

Holy shit I can't believe how some people raise their children. Fucking pathetic.


lol kids do this all the time. I doubt he would've did it if he knew their was a camera, notice how quiet he got soon as his brother said shut up.