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Mom Bugging About Protein/Creatine


My mom is bugging the hell out of me about supplements. its unbelieveable the stuff i hear coming out her mouth. She says that protein and creatine are bad for you but i know its not. Dont get me wrong now i know alot of the older guys here think that the teens here think they know every thing but that statement does not go towards me i came here to learn and to get as strong as possible. .

But i have done plenty of research on creatine to see there is nothing really wrong with it. But can you give her some good info about protein and creatine. IT WILL BE VERY HELPFUL.


David Barr has an excellent article on creatine, definitely read it.

Don't take any BSN products or a brand I can't mention, not very good.

Biotest supplements like Surge and Metabolic Drive work well and taste good.

I got the same shit from my parents about supplements. Don't worry about it.

Just eat, eat, eat. All the training in the world can't make up for a shitty diet. I have been off creatine for a while now, I haven't lost any strength and I still believe that most supplements are just sugar pills, some of it is just in your mind.



Ummm how about that protein is natural in other food sources like chicken and beef. I mean the casein in Metabolic Drive is the same casein found in cottage cheese or yogurt. Its just in a different form.

And creatine is a natural occurring amino acid. It can be found in many different foods. Its just harder to get that level of creatine in eating the food alone.

And what does she think these things do to you? Make your balls black?


Personally I would trade my mother my protein powder for a guarantee of all the protein she will cook for you. I think whey is a good source of protein but so are eggs, beef, fish, dairy. You may tell her that your whey protein is not that different from cottage cheese.Creatine may be a tough sell. Good luck.


if you ate so much protein and creatine that you choked to death...then your mom would be correct (anything can be overdone)...

refined sugar and trans-fatty acids (partially hydrogenated oils of any kind) are really bad for you...I bet she buys plenty of that crap at the grocery store every week...ask her if she's trying to poison you...

but have no fear, eating meat (steak, hamburger, pork, fish, etc.) is way better than consuming protein powders and creatine anyways...

just eat alot of meat (plus veggies and fruits) and don't worry about it...


There's an ongoing debate about whether or not teenagers should be taking creatine anyway. Slack off it. Give her that one, and use it as leverage to get more quality food out of her: protein, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Chances are that after she sees her grocery bill, she'll be more receptive to cheaper powdered proteins. :wink:


I like that ima use that because she buys all that crap and than when i want something healthy she say no WTH. But my mother thinks it will hurt my kidneys i know it might but thats only if i dont drink alot of water but im aware of that


Tell your mom that people with kidney problems have to worry about protein intake, but that healthy people don't. Okay, maybe don't waste your breath.

Trading the creatine for more say in what gets purchased might be a good idea. Grab all the damned Oreos, Chips, Cheez Whiz, Kraft Dinner, processed cheeze, canned foods and tell her that she is killing you with foods full of empty calories, additives, preervatives and no nutritional value.

You could promise to get fruit and vegetables with your protein intake. Or perhaps you could have something like beef and pasta or chicken and pasta.

Anyway, if you are young enough to be eating your mother's cooking still, you don't have to get militant about your diet, just get some protein in there with every meal. Finally, make sure she isn't feeding you soda or fruit juice, opt for milk or water instead.


I don't get all these threads with kids having problems convincing their parents about creatine and protein. How hard can it be to say that both are completely natural products that don't harm you? If they tell you to stop eating creatine then tell them you don't want to eat the steak she cooks for you because it contains creatine. If they buy milk for you say you don't want to drink it because it contains whey protein. If they can't see their own illogicality then, then move out ASAP.


i bet ya mum is fat/overweight/unhealthy too...

i hate ignorant ppl


My moms she dont care if i said that she'll be like ok more money for me. And yes it is hard when your parents dont have any knowledge on this stuff.


Ayo chill out this is my moms we talking about. I asked for advice not to disrespect my mom or your opinion about my mom.


Throw yourself on the ground, then scream kick and cry. She'll give you whatever you want. Works for me all the time!

If she stops letting you use protein and creatine, just eat a shitload of more food and say you need it because you're not taking supplements. Instead of waiting for her to cook it for you so that she decides how much you eat, go ahead and cook it yourself. Once you've burned through a week's supply of food in three days, she'll come through. That's only if she fills the house with good food.

If the food she buys is mostly crap and she is completely unbending on this, simply stop eating.

Though, this is all pretty childish and would be pretty bad to do if your parents simply can't afford more food.


I know many people who consume protein powder and don't have any health problems as a result. However, I have a close friend who has permanent kidney damage from protein powder. His body couldn't metabolize the protein properly. Something to do with absorption of amino/nucleic acids. I suspect that he was using far too much of the stuff. Since discovering the damage, he now gets his protein from cottage cheese, eggs, chicken breasts, fish, and beef.

Creatine is a different story. There's really no evidence that it's bad for you, but there haven't been ANY longterm studies done, so who knows...

If it's going to cause your mom significant grief, then don't take the stuff. It's not worth it. You're 17 and your mom is just worried about your health. I recommend that you lay off the protein powder and creatine until you're 18. Eat shitloads of whole foods and you'll get enough protein. Hell, at 17 you don't need supplements in order to make huge gains.

Personally, I only supplement with protein powder if it's impossible for me to get enough protein from normal foods.

Recap: Eat lots. Train lots. Sleep lots. This is enough for you to get huge. Once you're no longer a kid, and the gains start coming slower, you can start thinking about supplements.


Right on. Encouraging kids not to have respect for their parents does nothing good for the impression that people have re. protein, creatine, or training with weights.

David Barr's article:


Here is a John Berardi article LITERALLY tailor-made for your situation:


Good for you for respecting your parents, keep training hard whether or not you change their minds.


So is that a yes?

Just pull up some positive articles on protein and creatine and sit your mom down to read them. If she loves you, she'll do it. If she doesn't, then I'm sorry buddy, you're mom is ignorant.


You sound like a mummies boy. Grow up you baby. jimmyoz werd up.


i heard creatine makes your muscles smaller if you stop using it.


Yeah that's true, see the creatine flushes out of your system and takes all the muscle fibres with it, that's why when you pee after going off creatine, you get all these bits of biceps floating around in the bowl. Of course I understand what you meant but I'd rather dick around.

I assume what you meant was that you lose the gains attributed to creatine when you go off creatine correct? For some people it has, for some it hasn't.


Will Brink has put together a lot of easy to read articles on whey protein - I'll pm you his site link.

As far as creatine, that will be a little harder sell, simply because no long-term safety studies have really been done. It IS safe, but we don't have scientific data to back it up (just observational data from real-world users and a knowledge of physiology). Dave Barr's articles are a good start there though.

Looks like you have this in check already, but if you sit down to read them/talk about them with her it'll have a lot more effect than just giving her the info and saying "See? I'm right."

Best of luck,