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Molly Galbraith Does 155lbs for 54 Reps


Molly Galbraith Does 155 lbs for 54 reps in 2:00


Half the women on here could do that in their sleep. Check out Brute's 225lbs for 30 reps.


This is Molly who used to post here? It's certainly impressive considering her thyroid problems.


@GWHH - haha thanks for posting this! A friend texted me tonight and let me know someone posted this on here... Do we know each other? Doesn't matter of course... I was just curious. =)

@iron cross - sorry my video bores you so much. I'll be sure to have you pre-approve any other video before it gets posted to ensure it meets your standards. =)

@Cal - hello love! :wink: Yes it's me! How are you??? I just had to pop over since the Bear let me know someone posted this video... random, huh? Trying to figure out who posted it. Yeah that video was taken in January... and I've still been battling Autoimmune Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Dysfunction, PCOS, and just general fatigue. It's all getting a little better but it's still an uphill battle. Many weeks I can only train twice, maybe three times max. Not to mention I took over a year off from heavy lifting. It's a bitch to learn to strain again... but I'll get there! =) My goal is to pull 405 this year @ 160lbs... we'll see. It'll happen if I can quit being a puss and psyching myself out like crazy. Oh well! I do miss everyone over here.... but this place is way too addictive and I have so much other stuff going on these days! Anyway... enough about me... How are you doing??

@Brute - (in case you are reading this...) - KICK ASS! You have clearly been doing nothing but getting stronger since I left here! Congrats woman! Your 225 for 30 was amazinggggggg! And not sure when you are road tripping it (or if you have already taken your trip) but if you happen to come through Kentucky you MUST lift with me and Sbmart! She is right... we could both use some of your mojo right now! Hope you are well! I will make it a point to pop back in here a little more often to try and keep up with my favorite beasty ladies! Keep up the good work! =)


Molly - lovely to hear from you. I'm glad things are going better for you even if it's slow progress. I'm not sure that I could pull 155 for 54 reps even in good health (unless I got some bionic hands or something! And a new spine).

I've been battling against various injuries and generally getting old, as you do, but health is fine. I'm working as a PE teacher now (loving the summer break) which is so much better than sitting at a desk. Of course, I still sit at a desk when I go home (but at least it's not ALL day now!)

Don't be a stranger eh?

Oh and I'm sure ironcross isn't bored - she's probably jaded by various anonymous users posting random videos in the hope of, perhaps, selling videos or their training services. I'm sure if she knew the context she'd be a bit more impressed.

Brute does indeed kick ass. She's a beast (in the nicest possible way).


I suspect this was behind her response. We've gotten some of these.

It's really great to see you're still pushing hard. It's easy to do this when you're healthy and things come easily. The fact that you push when it's not easy shows who you really are.

I miss seeing your level headedness around here.


@Cal - Yes... it was one of the most brutal things I have ever done in my life. There is a HUGE difference between doing something for 10 reps, 20 reps, 30 reps, 40 reps, etc. If you notice the first 40 were done in a minute... Then it took another minute for me to do 14 more. Crossing that anaerobic/aerobic threshold is just wicked. However, I am sure you could do very well at that challenge, and no doubt you could kick my ass at other challenges (hello... anything upper body! =D)

Glad you are enjoying the new job! Not sitting all day has got to help with the any routine aches and pains. Yes, I'll def try to pop in more often!! Like I said, I miss you guys and this community but as many of you all know, it's easy to spend HOURS a day here! I just can't with my businesses getting super busy.

Aha! So Iron Cross' jaded-ness (<--- is that a word? =D) combined with my uber-sleepy crankiness made for a LOVELY misunderstanding between us! Yeah I can see how that would be annoying! Good to know the story behind it. Thanks for clearing it up Cal!


Yeah, she's new and doesn't know you. Didn't know me, either before she showed her ass in another thread. She's also in the 1/2 that couldn't do it waking or sleeping.

if she DID know you, she'd realize that you're one of the original PW, smart as hell, consistently bettering yourself in every avenue, and a thorough lady no matter what.

I'm thinking GWHH just stumbled across your video somewhere and found it worth sharing. I, for one, NEVER mind that angle or watching you lift.


Ouro!! Like I said, I can see how that would be annoying. We can be quite protective of our little corner of the world here and it's annoying when people pop in trying to "prove" something or trying to sell something... GTFO! haha!

Well thank you. That's a very nice thing to say. It definitely hasn't been easy. Sbmart and I both took the time off from lifting to try and correct our imbalances and weaknesses. Several parts of my body are much stronger than they were.... but I am psyching myself out like crazy when I see big weight on the bar. It sucks. I am being such a testicle! (BTW, I have recently decided that since vaginas are super awesome and resilient I will refer to anything awesome/tough/hardcore as a vagina, and anything weak and fragile as a testicle! =D)

Anyway... it's a head trip struggling to get something for 3 reps that you used to get for 15... but I'll make it and come out much better on the other side. I just gotta get out of my own head! And deciding to take the time off from heavy lifting worked out perfectly with me and my medical issues at the time so that makes the "loss of strength" easier to swallow.

Anyway... thanks for the kind words. I miss you all too! I'll try to pop in and check out what everyone is doing more often! (and Sbmart can always update me too! We train together at least twice a week on average).


@Iron Cross - clearly that was quite the colossal misunderstanding. I was extremely cranky and tired last night, and yes offended at the comment for sure... although now I know it wasn't intended to be a shot at me. And yes, I agree, plenty of the ladies on here could do something like that (It was a CrossFit challenge posted on Beyond the Whiteboard. I have never done CF, but used to rent space from the one where I live and they encouraged me to do this particular challenge b/c they know DL is my best lift).

Considering I ended up beating every female in the WORLD who did the challenge (who used the Rx'ed weight)... I would say that it would be funny to have some ladies from here try the challenges occasionally and win and prove that strength training > metcon work in just about every instance. (I also do less than 10-15 minutes of conditioning a week...and all the CF ladies do tons of conditioning and I still beat them =D)

Either way, you are correct. Many ladies on here are more impressive than I am, but I wouldn't consider the video above an ordinary feat. =)

Nice to "meet" you Iron Cross. Apologize for my part of the misunderstanding.


Oh Bear! You always know how to make a girl :::blush:::

I don't know if I am technically "original" but I've been 'round these parts for a while.. that's for sure! Again.... so many sweet things I feel as if I should make more self deprecating comments to balance it all out... but I'll try and refrain and accept the compliments. Good to be back if only for a little bit. MUAH and see you in a couple of weeks woman! =)


Classy like Grace Kelly and a striking resemblance if I recall - except for the strength and muscles part, of course.

Nice to see you back! Good luck getting your health, and head :), sorted.


How come you stopped posting at all??

Miss ya Molly!



Came in to browse PW for the first time in a few weeks. Excitedly went to this thread first because its always cool to see what Molly is up to. And the first fucking response is one of the FNG ripping on one of the baddest ass PWs...Shameful.

Molly- 54 reps on DL sounds brutal at just about any weight. Keep kicking ass.

Peace out bitches. I'm going back to the general logs. Someone let me know when this epic case of sandy vag that has been ruining the forum gets cleared up.


LOL god damn you're so stupid.


Well I've only just 'met' you and I'm impressed all around already. Excellent lifting, a smile to punctuate the punch of response to the one negative(ish) comment, and the grace and courtesy to make amends and let bygones be what they are.

And yes, 54 reps of deadlift is gnarly as hell at any weight. :slight_smile:


Haha that's awesome Molly.

Semi-related, I read this thread before going to bed last night and I had stupid dreams that I was going to have to do a metcon WOD for time in order to qualify for a powerlifting competition and I was pissed off at CrossFit's influence. Thankfully I woke up and it wasn't true lol.


I've watched the video a few times and it looks so freaking hard. I don't think I've bent over that many times for anything. I'm fighting the urge to see what I can do in two minutes. Maybe I'll give it a shot after my next meet.



I'm pretty sure I don't do 54 total reps in TWO dl workouts.