Moline, Illinois Training Partners?

Hi My name is Dave!
Im wondering if there are any other powerlifters in my area that would like to train together. I use the westside method and I have no intentions of going to anything else. I lift Monday, Wednesday and Friday somewhere between 4-6 pm and sunday usually about noon. During nicer weather I compete in highland games I practice about 2-3 days a week in addition to lifting. I would be open to anybody who wants to strength train(strongman, throwers, football players, powerlifters)experience levels may vary also, just looking for some like minded goal oriented people. I have a power rack in my garage(which is heated) I have olympic bars, thick bars, bands, chains, boxes, tons of grip training stuff, bench, plates, bumper plates, reverse hyper, etc. I take this stuff seriously and am looking for others like me to train with. If you are interested please message me.


Kris Davis

If I didn’t live three hours away, I would come and train with ya, but alas, I cannot.


Too bad you didn’t post this about a year ago… I just moved to Colorado a few months back, but had been living in the Quad Cities for the past 20 some years. Sounds like you’ve got an awesome set up. There is definitely no shortage of “MMA” guys there, but I’m not sure how strong (forgive the pun) the powerlifting scene is in the Quad Cities.