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15yrs old
120 pounds
Basketball player (want to go very far)-Point Guard

Pretty sure I'm an "Easy-Hardgainer" from CT's article: ( http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/training_for_easyhard_gainers ) so I can't use shit genetics as an excuse or anything like that as I can improve quickly if I do everything perfectly.

Straight from his conclusion:
"Being an easy-hard gainer is both a blessing and a curse. Provided that you do everything right, you can actually progress more and faster than almost anybody else when it comes to strength, speed, power and muscle mass. However, you have the burden to do everything right all the time. If you fail to do so, you'll also regress faster than everybody else!

Your ultimate progress is limited only by how structured and disciplined you are. If you truly wish to become a great athlete or have a fantastic body, it's really yours to take. And you can get it quite easily. But deviate from the road one bit and you might get lost in the woods and end up nowhere... fast!"

Off-season now, had a log @ theverticalsummit.com ( http://theverticalsummit.com/viewtopic.php?t=3141&start=120 ) but I figured the people here would be more knowledgeable about strength which is my focus so I can become more explosive and bang people out of my way off the dribble. I train twice a week with my team (Monday/Thursday), with skillwork on Tuesdays and Fridays right now and probably add in another day eventually. School's over in 2 weeks, will start RFD work (Truth About Quickness Insider System by Alex Maroko/Kelly Baggett) then.

I had tendonitis since last July and I think it turned into Chrondomalacia (Runner's knee?) or Arthritis cause I hear cracks which is my cartilage (hopin it's the former) so I'm taking Glucosamine and doing some physiotherapy-type leg exercises along with stretching, foamrolling and BW peterson step-ups at home to make my knees feel better. Also, squatting make them feel amazing.

My weaknesses right now are not sleeping enough (need like 10 hours but discipline is lackin) and not eating enough on weekends. Will be fixed.

Monday May 24, 2010

Bench press
Worked up to
4 w/ 135lbs
2 w/ 145lbs (PR)

Worked up to
2x4 w/ 205lbs (semi-PR I guess, did only one set of 4 @ 205lbs last time)

Hang clean
2x3 w/ 95lbs
3 w/ 105lbs
3 w/ 115lbs
2x3 w/ 125lbs (tech is getting better, less pressure on wrists)

14, 7, 6

Probably the hot weather coupled with me downing a shake while my stomach still feeling a little full after the workout made me puke it out, but I had one when I got home so no loss.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bench press
Worked up to
4 w/ 135lbs
3 w/ 145lbs (PR)

Bulgarian split squat
6 w/ 30lbs DBs
2x6 w/ 45lbs DBs
6 w/ 50lbs DBs

Hang clean
2x3 w/ 95lbs
3 w/ 105lbs
3 w/ 115lbs
2x3 w/ 125lbs (slippery, leaning back too much, gotta get tech a lot better and faster)

10 regular
2x6 w/ legs elevated @ 90
2x6 regular

Coach decided to change the workout we follow, really liked the old workout better since it had squats. [bss replacing squats isn't the only difference, starting next workout we have to do lunges after bss as well]


Sleep was shit = no progress
Coach wasn't there so did squats instead of bss/lunge combo

Worked up to
4 w/ 125lbs
4 w/ 135lbs
2 w/ 145lbs
Half-rep, rest assisted aka 0 with 155lbs

Worked up to
8 w/ 165lbs
8 w/ 185lbs (PR)

Hang Clean: workin on form, leg explosion since I realized today that my leg drive isn't nearly enough
2x3 w/ 95lbs
3 w/ 105lbs
3 w/ 115lbs
2x3 w/ 125lbs

Chin-ups: feelin weakkkkkk, lots of snapcracklepop ricekrispies sounds in shoulder region
10, 8, 7, 5


Worked up to 3x8 w/ 50lbs DBs: haha couldn't feel my legs afterwards man, not even squats have done that to me

Worked up to 2x4 w/ 135lbs

Romanian dl w/ DBs (substituted for hang clean cause after the bss, jumping with a barbell would have been unrealistic)
8 w/ 40s
2x8 w/ 45s

One-arm rows
Worked up to 3x8 w/ 50lb DB

Good workout.

Starting Kelly Baggett & Alex Maroko's Truth About Quickness system tomorrow, basically movement efficiency stuff to get my feet quick. Trying to work hard on my glutes in workouts so athletic ability should go through the roof when I start eating a lot more and consistently and sleeping ~10 hrs before 10:30 consistently. My strength has gone up a lot since grade 8 but I haven't gained any weight at all, no muscle > no results. Gotta hold myself accountable this time.

Anyone recommend a certain online food log or anything to keep track? Eating's gonna be big for me from now on.


5 w/ 175lbs
5 w/ 185lbs
5 w/ 195lbs

6 w/ 115lbs
6 w/ 125lbs
6, 3 w/ 135lbs

Chin-ups: cracks behind my shoulder, wtf

Started a daily food log a couple days ago to make sure I'm eating 5-6 meals a day. I don't count macronutrients or calories, I just gotta hold myself accountable for actually eating food and eating enough this summer. If the scale's not up Sunday morning, I'll eat more. Trying to ease myself into the olive oil thing, trying a couple spoonfuls after some meals, really not as bad as people make it seem. Getting a lot more sleep as well. Strength levels should go up more consistently now.

Hadn't started the movement efficiency due to exams and weather, will start tomorrow after my last exam.


Monday June 21, 2010
4 w/ 195
4 w/ 215* with spotter help, will stick to this weight until I can get 6 with no help, 225 will be a big step cant wait

4,2 w/ 145

Hang clean
3x3 w/ 115

Chin-ups 3x8

Godly calf soreness from pogo jumps last THURSDAY.