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Mohegan Sun WSM 4/25/10


Hey Northeast T-Nationers

Anyone else planning on heading to Mohegan Sun for WSM later this month with CT local Poundstone and Brian Shaw both planning to make appearances?


im there. poundstone and i are going to make it rain on the craps tables and eat 500 dollars worth of steak at micheal jordans with our winnings


Ok, 2 people it is…


Ok, 2 people it is…


It was a good time, poundstone clearly dominated.

Saw quite a few guys with some elite FTS gear on too.


Poundstone and Brian Shaw were clearly the class of the event. Kevin Nee, Mark Felix and Jean Paul Whateverhisname is were all a bit disappointing (aside from the fact that they are still ridiculously strong.


I was actually dissappointed a bit in Mark Felix, since he was in the finals last year i thought he would have been able to keep up with poundstone and shaw a bit better.i think if kevin nee wasnt hurt he would have been a competitor as well.


Felix is also really old, and Nee hasnt been a factor since that original bicep tear. I think he is looking at another year at minimum before that thing is healthy enough for him to make another run at the finals. He seemed like a good dude and has a ton of strength potential, but the injuries can do you in.

I thoughts Felix really could have lit up the Farmers Walk and the other grip-oriented events, but that didnt happen.