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Mogul Training

For those in the know. I was watching the Ladies Moguls, and noticed that all the ladies had (without exception), big, strong looking lower bodies (DUH!), (along with more knee surgury than in all the NFL!)

Anyway…what type of training do they do? (I would imagine a lot of plyometrics), but I would also imagine a lot of squats, jump squats, deads, etc. Just curious!

I saw that too,and was impressed by how built these gals are.The woman that won if I’m not mistaken is 5’6" 165 lbs,the others are around the same.I remember Poliquin talking about how strong some of the skiers are in the front squat.

don’t forget these girls are on the ski slope at lot, hitting a mogul at high speeds puts incredible torque and accelerative forces upon the knee, which causes quite the metabolic response (part of that would be hypertrophy)

i raced last yr in college giant slalom- hence the name xracergs b/c i know longer do it. we were division 3 so we basically trained on our own with very little school funding and our training coach was an idiot-all we did was leg presses, extensions, curls etc. but then again the football team squated in the smith machine so what should i expect. …BUt the female skiers had amazing bodies.mostly just from being invovled in asport their whole entire life.