Mods at Elite Fitness

Does anyone know why moderators are leaving Elite Fitness site like rats leaving a sinking ship?

Apparently there have been some arrests regarding steroid dealing. I do not know the whole story.

From what I can gather, the Feds busted George Spellwin a while back and he has been co-operating with them. Allegedly the feds have full (legal) access to the board and all that goes on there. That would include the encrypted email -I’m staying away!

Is anyone surprised? Spellwin is a scumbucket from way back. Honor among thieves died the day that that rat Valachi turned on the goodfellas.

I don’t really know, but I better change my email. I heard that one of the mods some some how stealing from online purchases and was caught. That does not explain why others have left. I don’t think secured email is a problem, for one the use hushmail, its server is in Ireland, and encripted. But I am changing it to make sure. Anyone else??

Just because it’s in Ireland means exactly JACK.

The USA cannot, by law, spy on it’s own citizens (without warrant). The UK, by law, cannot spy on it’s own citizens. Hmm. So the arrangement is that the UK spies on USA citzens, and the USA spies on, well, everyone.

Just because your email is encrypted doesn’t mean it is completely safe.

Look up the following for more info:

Magic Lantern
Key Logging

our government can and does spy on its own citizens. anyone hear of a well known act passed last year called the patriot act? it GREATLY broadens the ability of the FBI and other agencies to “spy” on any of us without notice. and since there logic is that all drug money finances the bad guys then basically we are smack dab in the middle of it all. they dont have time or resources to fuck with the little guy buying for himself. i am not worried or i wouldnt be in the game. its our sources that we need to be more cautious with. when you post there name in any transmission think of this thread.

I would recommend anyone to stay away from Elite. I have discontinued any discussion board activity there and have dropped that site from my favorites.

I have the full story - what Warhorse is saying is correct.

EF is lame. Stay away…

What email would you all recommend…kept-private? the feds, fda, brittish parlament, EVERYONE has tried to subpoena IP addresses from and every time they tell them the same thing… FUCK OFF, WE DON’T SAVE THEM!

I just saw a news broadcast that a bunch of Juice and 2Million$$ were seized from a NYC Aparment
any info??

Yeah, the Patriot Act gave DOJ, DHS and the FBI carte blanche (well, at least it’s much easier now) to monitor just about any type of communication.

As for secure communications, that’s almost an oxymoron now. If you wanted to add a layer of security to your communications. I’d recommend PGP Desktop 8.0 (PGP Mail is what we’re after). The only problem is, that the receiver has to be able to decrypt your message once it is received. So they have to have PGP Desktop installed and your private key. At least with some encryption, it’ll give the boys in blue (or black) a workout trying to read your mail. Chances are, they’ll go after the low hanging fruit first., asks for your real personal info, whats up with that?

Elite turned to shit years ago.

Don’t think for a second that the government does not have ways to get the information it requires. I don’t care how safe you think a certain e-mail encryption may be, it can be hacked. The very best “hackers” work for the government. Some food for thought; as part of bargain agreement the government has hired/probationed some of the best “hackers” in the world. Hard to believe…you decide!!!

can someone please tell the whole story with names changed to protect the innocent? thanks!