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MODOK How Do You Train?


What is your training and nutrition philosophy and what did you get to your current lvl of development. I am asking because of what goes on in the forums about paleo or people claiming that they drained their CNS, you seem to be the only one with common sense and who knows what they are talking about. You also happen to be a person Professor X would like to workout with and at the same time are one of the strongest people on this board.

Thanks for your time in advance


i think a lot of this stuff is in the T-Cell.


As much as he deserves this thread:




Lol thanks I don't think I have ever read "modoks fight back" thread since it was posted in 2007.


Sweet post, I always wondered how people have trained back and chest in the same workout without getting too tired in the middle of the workout to train the second muscle group. When I have tried training chest and back before but with quite a bit more volume it was physically draining to complete the workout.

Ill certainly remember the importance of tricep exercise selection when it comes to a 3 way split.


Nice post. Exactly how I feel too (except I haven't the same size/experience to back it up...yet lol).

One thing I've kind of come to the conclusion and noticed with yourself is that the you kind of dropped out the whole "super compensation" idea from Big Beyond Belief that you were fond of a while back. You put more emphasis on simply push to the max, then active recovery, as opposed to "extreme training/volume", followed by "normal training/volume".

BBB made me realise how good frequency is, but at the same time, it doesn't really have a decent recovery system/rebound stage built in.



I believe you have said that training a muscle 3x a week has given you the best results in a short period of time. When you were training like this, how did you split up the muscles. Or were you just following BBB for that time period?


ah i've read through all your posts, very inspiring and intelligent
could you talk about your diet a bit? not just current but what you've been doing in the past


Hi Modok,
I'd also like to hear your thoughts on cutting. Both from a diet and a workout perspective. I know you've done at least one contest and you've mentioned that you diet down once a year regardless. I am curious on your take on how you modify your splits if at all in addition to diet. As in.. do you reduce the frequency during this time to make room for cardio sesions/reduced recovery.. etc.



I'd love to know what goes through your mind prior to your workouts. Your pre-workout ritual. How does MODOK psyche himself up each day to achieve one successful workout after another. :wink:

I've always enjoyed watching some training videos of the movements I'm doing that day, then sitting there with my headphones blazing with some sort of song that gets me cranked up before I leave for the gym. On the way, I just visualize myself lifting the target weight of the target exercise for X amount of reps with perfect form. Works great for me.


I'm curious also.


Cool stuff Modok thanks for sharing. I've been doing the same thing lately... for about 6 days focus on protein/fat, except when I lift (I take in some Surge Recovery), and then have a cheat day on day 7. it's not really a cheat day in that I try to eat whole foods, but I don't really care about the carbs either, i.e. burgers, pizza, pasta w/ meat, etc.

Also what have you been having to drink during your workouts?


I've been meaning to ask: I always knew you used an AD style of eating, but does apply to your workout nutrition? Do you have any carbs before/during/after sessions?

Great stuff in here Modok, you're one of the vets on the forums a lot of guys look up to


Hey Modok, I remember in your "one body part a day thread" you said you started off with an upper/lower split. In you opinion, would novice bodybuilders/strength trainers be wise to follow your foot steps? Do you think the one body part a day split has its place for a natural novice lifter?


You were in a contest? Interesting, would you mind sharing some of your contest pics?


Is your screen name based on the Marvel supervillain of the same name?



I love the article with how you implemented 531 into a bodybuilding split persae. I myself hired Phil Hernon and trained like that for the past 2.5 yrs. I also did BBB back in the 90's when I was in highschool and out of it. I then went to other things, but this worked best. My questions to you
(1) Do you use the LBA's that Phil recomends? I to have to diet like you. Carb weise. If not what protein supplement do you use to reach your protein requirements?

(2) You have the other 3 way split at the bottom with chest and arms together/ legs by themselves/ and back and delts together, is that to be done 3on 1 off? Or something to cut up with?

this makes alot of sense, I am now 37 yrs old with a host of injuries 1 pec tear, labrum, quad tear, and knee scoped twice. The percentages make it easier rather than going all out all the time.



You seem to have some pretty impressive lifts...would you mind posting some of your all-time PRs? Either for reps or a 1RM, I would find it interesting.



so what you are saying is that you like your hybrid version of the %#1 routine you posted originally and you were 4 lbs heavier when you dieted down?


Modok, I've been reading into one of the old BBB threads (the "OTS BBB Program" thread featuring discussions between C_C and you). When you started with BBB on 4 days a week what days in the week did you train (1,2,3,4 or 1,2,4,5,7?). How did you slot or determine a rest day?

You mentioned with regards to diet that you're not carb tolerant, how did you know this? Bio signature or other means?