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Yeah, so I don't really have a clever name for this log, but here goes anyways.

This will be my third lifting log (4th actually). I really didn't want to start a new one, but DoubleDuce maxed out my last log with his underwear model comment, so it's time to start fresh. :wink:

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Just a brief history, I have been competing in Powerlifting for 3 years now. Starting in the 242's, and then moving up to the 275's. My best meet lifts so far are 250/172.5/285 or 551/380/628lb, best total was 705kg/1554lb at 275.

Videos of previous meets:
2007 AAU World Qualifier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8NpHz0Q5Q8
2007 APF Pine Tree Open: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I1XH-8-_JE
2008 USAPL Albany Strength Meet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKPY4UvYTXw
2008 USAPL MA/RI Powerlifting State Championships: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDZvopNEcNg
2009 USAPL Albany Strength Meet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-xwMBn0v_E
2009 USAPL Raw Nationals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhnkZHSnhEI
2010 Arnold Sports Festival USAPL Raw Challenge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbZKAxCWhiY

Due to a number of recent injuries, I am rehabbing my way back to full health, and decided it was a good time to drop some excess bodyfat. I used Velocity diet to jump start my weight loss, and have been eating low carb with one cheat meal each week ever since. Currently sitting at a bw of 238-240lbs.


10/11/10 - Squat

A) Squat

B) DB Lunge

C) Plank
5 chainsx60sec,60sec,45sec

That's it. I'm keeping all my lower body stuff pain free until my glute resolves. I'm also breaking my workouts up into 5 days/week instead of 3-4.


10/12/10 - Back/Bi's

BW - 238.5lbs

A) Neutral Grip Pullup

B) Bent Over Rows

C) Lat Pulldown (W-ide, N-arrow, R-everse)
W/N - 130X8,8
W/R - 130X8,8
N/R - 130X8,8

D) EZ Curls
W - +70x10x2
N - +70x10x2

I am experimenting with having a back/bi day. I feel like I have been rushing my back work, and only hitting bi's when the mood strikes me. By the time I get to these movements I have usually already Squatted or DL'ed and haven't kept the intensity where I want it. By moving them to a separate day, I think I can hit them hard and fast, and give it 100%.


10/13/10 - Chest/Tri's

A) Bench

B) Incline Bench

C) Flat Fly/Neutral Grip DB Press

D) EZ Nosebreakers (60 sec rest)

My bench has suffered some with the weight loss, and I'm going to try to get some of it back. I have a plan, the trick will be sticking with it. I'll keep you posted.


Pretty impressive.


I'm still watching brother


Wow you are down below 240!

I feel your joy/ pain. I am not nearly as strong as you but I also have dropped from about 270 to about 240 since July.

I feel and look waay better but its tough to keep my bench from falling off and I still have a ways to go. I let myself get way too fat and justified it by saying it would help my lifts.


Cool Logs. I am glad to see another USAPL guy. I live in South Dakota and so that is the only fed around and they only have meets once a year so I will get my first taste in March. Congrats on the weight loss.


I'll be following along Brent, seems all the old westside/pling thread guys decided to drop 30-40lbs this year


What is your goal with the weight drop when do you plan on ending the cut?
To fell better/be in shape?
Getting a better total (for bodyweight)?


Thanks man, guess I have to start hitting it hard again.


Nice work! I couldn't justify the extra fatness considering that I haven't Squatted or DL'd over 85% in a long time. I stopped feeling like a big strong PL'er and started to feel weak and soft.


I hear you. My only options are USAPL or AAU. AAU was fun, but the atmosphere was a little to family friendly for me. Good meets, good people, but there wasn't a lot of intensity.

Since that leaves USAPL as the only real local option, I am not going to shit on them here in public.


Yeah, that's because they all got old and fat and realized that carrying the extra weight wasn't doing them a whole lot of good. As cool as it is to get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs, it was time for a change.

That's not to say I won't bulk again and then cut again. I put on a lot of mass during my last 3 year bulk. Size that I wouldn't trade for anything.


Good question. Last time I had abz was when I was 5. That's always the first place I gain, and the last place I lose, and the more I lose, the smaller I feel. I even did a marathon 7 or 8 years ago, dropped down to the 200lb mark and just looked like a smaller version of myself. I'm closer to abs now than ever, so maybe it will happen this time. But yes, asthetics was definitely a consideration in this cut.

I already feel a ton better, much more athletic, less achy, etc.

If I could lift at 100% right now, I know I would already hit a better total at 242, but would really like to get back to my 275 strength at this weight, and give it another run towards an elite total. I'd also like to be healthy enough to run Smolov again to get my Squat back where it was.


10/14/10 - Rehabby crap

A) Spin Bike x 10min

B) Foam Roller x alot

C) Stretch 15sec x 3ea
Hip flexors
Hip flexors w/front foot elevated
Hamstrings (3 pos)
Dynamic Hamstrings

D) GHR's

E) HLR's

Just a rehab day, with some abs/back thrown in.

I will be out of town all weekend for a wedding, and wanted to do shoulders tomorrow, but may have to squeeze in a quicky before heading out this afternoon. They feel like they could use another day off, but I'm not sure that's an option.


Yes same here, lost about 40lbs. I agree I gained a ton of muscle doing it as well. My max strength is higher in some stuff and within 95% in everything else. My rep strength is far superior due to better conditioning. So all the strength will come back.


10/18/10 - Squat

A) Squat

B) DB Lunge

C) Plank
5 chainsx60secx3

So much for getting in a shoulder workout last week. Friday was just too rushed, and I was hoping the Inn I was staying at would have a gym of some sort. They had a pilates studio instead. uh, not really my thing. So I ate and drank a lot instead.

Squats felt good today. I foam rolled for about 5 minutes first and did some stretching and had no pain, and best of all I was coming straight up out of the hole rather than shifting to my good side. As sad as it is, I'm just going to add 10lbs per week as long as I stay pain free. I know it will take two months to get up to 405x8 at this rate, but I have spent the past 6 months treading water, so I'm going to try to take a slow and methodic approach to this.

Today was the first time doing 5 chains on the plank for 60 seconds on all three sets. Time to move up to a 6th chain. I think the chains weigh 17.5lbs each which would put me just over 100lbs of weight wrapped around my midsection (it's pretty sad that I have to weigh them each time to remember how much they weight). I'll go for 60sec on the first set and see whats left after that. What really sucks about these is that even after the set is over, you never really get a chance to rest because there is no comfortable position with that much weight in chain looped around your waist. You almost want to cut your rest short just so you can finish and get the chains off. Ahh, good times.


10/19/10 - Chest/Tri's

A) Bench

B) Incline Bench

C) Flat Fly/Neutral Grip DB Press

D) EZ Nosebreakers (60 sec rest)

I moved my Bench day up by a day so I could get 4 lifts in this week. Yet another week where I will be traveling fri/sat and won't have access to a gym. I'll train Back/Bi's tomorrow and then combine DL/Shoulders on Thursday. I'm sure one of these weeks I'll actually get back into a regualar groove.