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Modifying Westside For Skinny Bastards

Since I am not an athlete, I was thinking about adding an extra day of lifting to the westside for skinny bastards program .

Don’t have access to to a sled. Any suggestions as to what might be beneficial?

I was thinking about extra leg work, as my legs recover pretty well.


  1. Pull/push your car around.
  2. Make a sled. Go get 2-3 throwaway tires from a local tire dealership, a little chain, and some rope. Stab/poke holes in the tires, then thread the chain through and put an old padlock on it or buy one of those locking link type things. Then tie the rope on so it doesn’t drag, and you’re in business for probably 10-15 bucks. If you have a little more money, there are people that have made sleds out of old wheelbarrows, etc.

There are lots of things beside specifically sled dragging you can do for GPP if you want to go that route, too.

RIT Jared

RIT makes a good subtle point (at least I think he was trying to anyways)

You don’t need to be an athlete to get tremendous gains from the GPP work described in the program. Although you may want to add in extra weightroom work, my advice is to follow the program as best as you can and gain some functional strength and work capacity to go with the hopefully added size. Afterall, if you are a true “skinny-bastard” you should revel in the opportunity to gain that strength and increase that work capacity.

Just do a GPP search or check out Joe D’s strongman article on this site for ideas.



I need to reword my question.

DeFranco said that if you are not an athlete you can add another workout day.

Since I am not an athlete, I was thinking about adding an extra lifting day. I was thinking some sort of endurance leg day. I also intend to do 2 days of GDP weekly.

You think the edurance leg day would be better accomplished by GDP than by lifting?

Correction GPP. Sorry finishing up a graduate degree in economics this week. Stuff is on the brain.

DeFranco answered this question over at the Q&A website and here at t-nation a while back. Here is what he said at his website:

Q: Joe,
I just got done reading your Westside for Skinny Bastards article on www.t-mag.com. I must say that it was the best article I?ve ever read on that site and I?ve been following T-Mag since issue #1! I literally couldn?t sleep last night because I was so excited to get to the gym this morning! Now I have 3 questions:

What kind of rest intervals do you prescribe for max effort lifts?
How many reps are you shooting for on your upper body repetition lift?
I would like to incorporate a 2nd lower body day but I don?t have a sled. Can you give a sample ?repetition? leg day for me? Although I?m not huge (yet) I will be able to recover from 2 leg days as I have recently begun my first cycle.
Thanks bro! Keep turning your boyz into animals!!!

A: Rock,
It?s great to see how fired up everyone is about the Modified Westside Program. The responses that I have received regarding my recent article have been overwhelming! I think there?s going to be a lot of big & strong individuals walking around this summer.

Anyway, let?s move onto your questions:

There is no set rest interval for the max effort lift. Generally speaking, my lifting partners and I just go back and forth through the warm-up sets. There is probably between 60 & 90 seconds between warm-up sets. When it comes time for the grand finale, we slow down the pace a little. Personally, I?m stronger if I wait between 3-4 minutes between maximal attempts. Remember, the purpose of max effort day is to lift the most amount of weight possible. If this means taking a longer rest, take your time! You can pick up the pace when you move on to the supplemental lifts.

On your repetition upper body lift you will choose a weight that you can perform approximately 20-35 reps with on your first set. Stick with the same weight for all 3 sets. Record the total number of reps that you performed for all 3 sets. The goal is to perform more reps with the same weight the following week.

Here?s a sample Repetition Lower Body template:

NOTE: Choose exercises from the list that you DIDN?T perform on your 1st lower body day.

A. Unilateral Movement - Perform 3 sets of 15 reps each leg
*Choose from the following list of exercises:
Single leg squats, back leg elevated
Barbell step-ups with knee lift
Barbell reverse lunges
Barbell reverse lunges, front foot elevated
Barbell reverse lunges, front foot elevated (with knee lift)
Low-pulley split squats, front foot elevated
Walking lunges
?Speed-skater? squats (1 and a half rep single leg squats)
Barbell step-ups

B. Posterior Chain / Hamstring movement ? Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps for TWO of the following exercises:
Glute-ham raises
Reverse hyperextensions
Seated or standing good mornings
Leg curls
Romanian deadlifts
Stability ball hamstring lifts

C. Weak Point Training ? Perform 1 exercise for 3-5 sets of a lagging body part
(Common areas include ? upper back, external rotators, abs, grip training, etc.)
Joe D.


That is exactly what I was looking for.


No problem