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Modifying TBT For Fat Loss

Hi, I am pretty sure this question was answered before but I cant find it…

For those who did TBT while dieting…what kind of modification have you done in order to reach your fat loss goal vs hypertrophy?

  • Alternate the reps range between 3 to 6 and 12 to 20 with short rest periods

  • Use the big compound lifts (deadlift, squat,…)

  • Add more sets for big lifts?

Any help would be appreciated.


I think TBT “as is” is a perfectly viable fat loss program. Time your rest periods according to the article. 60 seconds is not much time-- for me, not even until I get my breath back with big exercises (squat, deadlift).

Oh ok, so you keep the rest time short and maybe adding some supersets would also be great maybe?

But what about the reps/sets scheme? Did you modified it to make it fit for fat loss goal? (for example more heavy sets and higher reps vs reps in the 6 to 8 range?)

Can you give me any ideas?


By the way, where’s the abs work in this program?

I didn’t modify it at all, and found that the rest periods CW prescribed were much less than “comfortable”.

As for abs work, if you are feeling tired that day, exchange one of the single joint exercises for abs work.

I’ve done the first four weeks of the TBT, been averaging 1650kcals per day (a deficit BTW) with carb cycling, doing HIIT spinning 3x weekly and as of this morning have lost 2lbs of fat (1%) and maintained LBM. Was hoping for more in the way of results but at least I know where I’m at and can tweak stuff from here.

I’ll probably add in (3) 30-45min low intensity steady-state cardio sessions and up be more aggressive with the weights in the next month.

Thanks a lot for the reply guys,

It is greatly appreciated.

By the way, does carb cycling mean something like being low carbs on off-days and moderate carbs on training days?

Thanks again

Check out CT’s latest PT for info or his reply in my “How Low is Too Low” thread.


Thank you buddy,

Very interresting infos.

hey guys I’ve almost finished the first week of TBT. I followed the exact recommandation regarding the rest time between sets, the exercises selection and so on…but man I find it to be really too relaxed for me… because I usually so some high intensity training (with heavy weights) supersets for lower load exercises and It was much more taxing…now after the first week I am almost not wet after each session…even if I chose exercises for 8 RM (and almost near failure for last set)

Whats wrong…

I’m looking for a program based on a 3 days a week scheme for fat loss…any ideas?

I don’t have a “dry” moment at all in my TBT training schedule. I make sure I put on a nice comfy sweater to each workout so my body stays warm. I keep rest between sets to 60 seconds max, after an hour the sweat runs down my arms and shit. Maybe your condition is much better but I can’t see how TBT would not attribute to fat loss.

Maybe try some long walks on off days?