Modifying Programs

I dont want to get anyone pissed off, but the reason I want to modify workout programs on this website are because Im too new to create my own, Im not into bodybuilding, and I have a hard time finding strength related resources on the net.
Ive read articles such as the Set/Rep Bible(and many similar other places) and was wondering if I should just change the sets and reps in the workouts to a more strength oriented area. What I would problably do is use a calculator to create a step cycle so I can have my intensity prescribed correctly for strength too.

Would any of you vets find something wrong in doing this for my next program?

You didn’t find any you liked here? Surely there must be a routine here that mildly interested you.

Why not pick one fo the programs that focus on strenght primarily. CT’s strenght focuseed meso cycle.

Many of CW’s programs are GREAT for strenght and well sure they give hypertrophy they largely go hand in hand.

There is plenty of westside stuff.
Staley’s EDT can be used for strenght by going with heavy weight and low reps.

I would normally say sure create your own or change it to fit, But you say this [quote] …Im too new to create my own… [/quote] I would say this also means you are to new to Butcher a good program. You dont know what effects you and how yet. Do a oprogram fuind out how it works for YOU, then do another etc… Less thinking, more doing.

Thats my opinion.