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Modifying My Workout

Hello everyone,

I’ve been doing bill stars 5x5 program for a while now and have got good results from it. My current workload looks like this

BB Bent over rows
Power Cleans

Incline bench

BB Bent over row
Power Cleans

I’ve been doing it for awhile and I think its time to change it up some. I was thinking of doing the same lifts, but with more speed and probably less weight. I was also thinking of Deadlifting twice a week. Monday I would deadlift using less weight and more speed, then wednesday deadlift but at my current tempo.

How does this sound? Thanks for any help and insights

Wow, squatting 3 times per week? Personally I would change to a routine that spreads out the workload more. Maybe on 3 days straight (push/pull/legs) and then off a day.

And since you’ve been doing the same movements for a while, you might want to change them up. For the next month or so, use dumbbells instead of the bar for bench and bent over rows. Replace squatting with the leg press and power cleans with deadlifts. I think you’ll see more progress if you do this. Not that those lifts are bad, they’re just probably stale for you right now.

I actually love squatting so its not a problem for me, and to be fair, wednesday session is a very light squat session. But you are right, its starting to get stale, thats why I wanted to change to more of a speed workout for about a month or so. Im afraid though, that deadlifting and power cleans twice a week might be to much.

I’m going to start it today and see how I do. Then I’ll see about switching some stuff up like you mentioned.