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Modifying My Bulk to Cutting Cycle

I am currently in the middle of my 10 week Test E cycle along with HCG and Aromasin. My last pin is scheduled for December 01. I plan on doing standard PCT (Toremifine) after two weeks of waiting period. PCT should be done by January 9. Hereâ??s my dilemma and where I need your advice. I am going on vacation on a beach resort on January 21st. I did not know about this vacation until this week. I would have planned for a cutting cycle if I knew.

From my previous experience from my first Test E cycle, I will probably not be going to be all that ripped by that time. Just not enough time to get cut and loose what fat and water I accumulated during this pure bulking cycle. I am thinking of using Tren Ace to get me where I need to be in time for my vacation. I am currently at 8% BF. I am not fat by all means, I just want to be extra ripped for this vacation.

After some reading I figure I have two ways of introducing Tren Ace into my current cycle:
I know it is not the best combination because of the different esters but it is what I have and what I need to work with.

Start Tren Ace at 50mg (up to 75mg) EOD on week 6 until week 10. Wait two weeks and start PCT
Start Tren Ace at 50mg (up to 75mg) EOD on week 6 until week 12. Start PCT on Week 13. Essentially during the waiting period I will still be pinning Tren Ace. Tren Ace being a short ester I figure will be out my system in 3-4 days.

As always thanks.

Shoot everyday for ace my friend. It helps

Thanks Detroit…I can shoot everyday if needed. I am more intereted in knowing what people think about the timing and how I am going about in the introduction of Tren ace into my current cycle.

I would do the latter, personally. Maybe stop a day or 2 short of PCT