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Modifying Bodybuilding's Next Frontier

My chest is really lagging behind the rest of my body. The bench press has always been a weakness of mine and now as I am seeing results in other parts of my body from doing Waterbury’s Bodybuilding’s Next Frontier, my chest only seems more behind than ever.

Can anyone recommend some ways of increasing the chest work in this program a little bit just to pick things up in my chest development?

I’m reluctant to modify this program on my own just b/c it seems so carefully designed. But I have to do something to increase chest work

The majority of the programs on this site are intended for people who have no muscular embalances unless specified.

If I were you and had a lagging body part, I would only do maintenance work on it’s antagonist. So for you, you say that your chest is lagging, therefore I would suggest excluding the chest and upper/middle back from the routine you’re on, for now, if possible and supplement a routine where you would be giving your chest more work than your upper/middle back.

(Now, I’m not familiar with the program you’re on–so you’re going to need to check and see if it would fit)

Bench Press 3x8
Barbell Row 3x12

Bench Press 5x5

It’s just an example, now of course you just wouldn’t want to do 3x12 for your back all week, if you don’t get what I’m going for (a 2 to 1 ratio), PM me.

Where do you fail in your bench press? If you’re getting it off your chest ok but failing 4-5 inches off your chest, your triceps might be the problem instead. Or are you talking about chest weakness purely from a hypertrophy standpoint?

Are you looking for strength or mass? My guess is you want a bigger chest. Is it strong enough?

Perhaps your pecs are overpowerd by your front delts or triceps?

Do you tuck your elbows in (the PL bp) or elbouws out (the bb bp)?

If you fail to properly stimulate your pecs, you could throw in an isolation exercise, like flyes or cable cross overs.

And don’t EVER neglect the antagonist. That was the worst advise I ever read.

my chest lags both in size and strength. It looks out of proportion with the rest of my musculature and additionally my chest strength is lower than it should be – my finely balanced friend who lifts almost identical to me in every other lift does about 25% more weight than me on bench.

I have played around with standing cable crossovers on top of what is prescribed in this workout, but my feeling has been that they mostly just enhance definition, striation, etc. in center of chest but dont really do very much as far as real strength and/or mass development. Am I wrong about this? I agree that something that works the pecs more directly than bench would be desirable but neither cable crossovers nor lying on back dumbbell flys (due to how they move in arc but gravity straight line down) have struck me as great solutions.

I hope you guys know what workout I’m talking about, by the way, the Waterbury High Frequency System ( http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=905832 )