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Modifying A Tire

I’ve got a little puzzle, and I am sure you guys can think of something…

I just acquired a tractor trailer tire…its about 5 feet tall, and probably only weighs 150 max.

Can I add weight to this tire in the form of concrete on the inside of it or something? Anyone done anything like this?

'preciate it.

you can fixate 2 or 4 poles in it and put a bunch of 45lb plates on them.

I haven’t done it myself but you can bolt a large steel plate to the inner beading of the tire and attach a rod to the centre, then simply use plates to increase the weight. Much like a big round sled attached to the tire inner.

You should be able to get an idea from this pic. This is the article where I found the picture, also has some great training ideas.



At 150 lbs, it’s probably not very wide. But one thing I’ve seen done is to just add regular-sized automobile tires to the inside. But, again, at 150 lbs, you won’t get very heavy with this method.

It might be easier to just find a heavier tire… even a 400lb tire is pretty light and my little brother who weighs 130 can flip it for cardio.

what size is it?

Where do you live? It shouldn’t be to hard to find a bigger tire.

yeah, actually that tire is like 3 feet tall and 120 pounds, I rechecked. I am just going to use it as a sled…works great for that.

I live in northern georgia, Ball Ground/Canton area. I just need to ask tractor shops, but anyone got a sure fire method of finding one?

Find any company with the word ‘tire’ in their name. They have to pay to dispose of the tires. If you call and ask for one, they should be more than willing to give it to you. Just remember, if you decide to return it. it will cost you.

For extra weight for anything, look for piping fab shops and ask for surplus. The same thing applies, but steel is a lot heavier.


put in rim size 25" for tire weights

has a list of tire weights