Modify Best Damn Workout to Compensate for Pre-Existing Injury?

I am starting your newest program. I need your help with some modifications. #1 and #3 are musts, #2 is a strong want.

  1. What would be the best substitute for the Romanian DL?
    One that is back friendly but keeps it from becoming too weak.

  2. How can I add conditioning to this?
    Extra morning sessions fit my schedule better but if the results of doing it after working sessions then I’ll do what I have to. Looking for best bang for my buck.

  3. Would suggest or recommend any type of mobility work that would complement this routine? Specifically to increase my back longevity.

Thanks for any input you have on this coach.


I am no CT but I know what he said about questions that were similar:

  1. Pull-throughs
  2. You can do carries/prowler etc at the end of the workout or if you wanna do HIIT or pure cardio; either yes in the morning (if you’re training on the evening) or on a non-lifting day.

Sorry I don’t know about 3, good the luck with the program, gonna test it soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Those are certainly good points that I will keep in mind. Cheers!