ModiFit UK Belts?

I have been looking for lifting belts in the UK for around a week now but haven’t really found any good quality ones, i have come across the modifit belts and wanted to know if anyones used them and how good the quality is? Thanks

I’d recommend purchasing a belt that is 10mm thick, leather or close to lel, and of uniform width all around. Single prong probably but depends on preference. Some of the belts on the Mobility Tools website fit those criteria. Can’t speak to their quality tho so…

I think @Pinkylifting is from the UK so he may be able to offer something more specific but there’s almost certainly as good or better belts on the market: from budget RDX belts to Strengthshop stuff to higher end belts such as offerings from Inzer, SBD etc.

If you are casual about powerlifting than go a decent budget belt, if you are serious and in this for the long term maybe consider a higher end belt because they will last you a lifetime. If you plan to compete some federations may have approved equipment lists so take that into account also.

For midrange I went for the strengthshop 13mm lever arch, can reccomend.

Before that was using a 13mm RDX leather belt. Also did the job just fine. I like the lever but certainly not neccessary.

Why not 13mm?

I don’t know anything about these ModiFit belts, they look OK but some feds might not allow them due to the writing on the outside. Pretty much every brand that is well known in powerlifting sells decent belts, just find one that you like and an afford. If the belt is not real leather (like Strengthshop belts) then you can expect it to break down or stretch out sooner.

The only fed that I’m aware of regulating brands of belts is the IPF.

Thats why i may just get one from ModiFit as they real leather, I’m not fussed whether or not they are approved at this moment because I am nowhere near the level to compete for now. Most powerlifting federations in UK follow the IPF guidelines

Nothing wrong with a 13 but I’m thinking a 10mm does the job well enough with less risk of getting in the way say in the deadlift’s starting position. I know a few guys who use different belts for squats and deads but seeing as OP is 16 years old i’m assuming he doesn’t have the financial gains to buy two belts or at least wouldn’t want to piss off his parents going through the hassle exchanging a belt.

Maybe in a year or two he’d outgrow the belt anyways in his last few teen years + keeps lifting. At this point if he wants he’ll have the money and enough experience with a belt to try a step up in quality or thickness.

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I have been looking at a website that do custom leather belts which are only around £60 but the problem is that the belts can be 2mm less or more of 10mm so I’m not sure what to do about that.