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Modified WSSB


What do you think of modifying the WSSB 2 template to include a rep leg day with 20-rep breathing squats as the exercise? I am also considering making some of the supplementary stuff a bit heavier, and using some Strongman exercises as a substitute for some supplementary stuff.


You can definitely do it, but make the 20 rep squat part of your Lower Body RE Day, don't use it as your ME or assistance exercises.


Thats what I had planned.


Works fine. I'd limit your assitance work after that though. Perhaps RDL's off a box, and MAYBE one other movement (like jump squats or something).

Depends on what you can handle


I was thinking the same thing, as I would imagine 20 rep squats taking the life out of you like a 5 RM deadlift. I think I will do some sandbag loading, maybe some lunges, and call it a day.