Modified WS4SB Program

I just joined a gym and can now start weightlifting. For the last 5 months I have been doing box jumps and dragging a weighted sled on Wednesdays and sprints on Saturdays. I alternate sprint workouts between A) 400m x 2, 300m x 2, 200m x 2, 100m x 2 and B)60m x 3, 40m x 3, 20m x 3, 10m x 5. I usually rest between 1 to 2 minutes. I play a pretty intense hockey game every sunday night with some former pros so I get a good workout from that.
Now, how should I work it all in?

M-me upper body
T-me lower body
T-plyos and sled
F-rep upper body

I took the weightlifting from ws4sb, should I just give this a go and see how I feel after a couple weeks? Or should I maybe have ME upper and lower in the same day AM/PM so I get another complete rest day? Cut out something as I get used to lifting regularly?

If it means anything I am 20, 5’10, 170 lbs. I lifting with my buddy at the beginning of the summer (July) in his basement and squated 3x3 with 225 and felt like I could have added another 10 or 15 pounds, also did bench 3x3 with 155 and missed the last two reps on the last set.
Thanks for any advice

Your plan looks fine, i would advice against 2 ME sessions on the same day.

You can do one ME session and one functional session (in that order) for the same bodypart (alot of Oly lifters train that way) if you keep both workouts relatively short (~60min) and get sufficient rest in between. (>6 h)

You might switch the Monday and Tuesday workouts. That would give your legs time to recover for Thursdays workout. I suppose it depends on what shape you’re in after the game. Another advantage is that everyone else does upperbody on Monday. You can probably find a squat rack free.

If I was you jugde how you recover with the 4 days w/o and if your lifts aren’t improving, then switch to doing the 4 days in 3 week rotation

mon -me upper body

wed -me lower body

fri -plyos and sled

mon -rep upper body