Modified Wendler Program for Shift Work

Hello all. First time posting here.

I have read Wendler’s excellet workout e-book and many online articles written bu him or about his workout. I understand that any variation on it is not the program.

That being said, I was hoping someone with a reasonable level of experience could offer some feedback or insights on a modified (bastardization) of Wendler’s 5/3/1.

I work a rotation shift schedule: four days on, four days off, 12 hour shifts. With a heinous commute in the evening. That means that on my work days it has become near impossible to get into the gym. Not only is it packed, but by the time I do the bare minimum lift, get home, and eat, I can maybe get six hours of sleep. Not good.

So I created a version of Wendler’s program to accomodate this challenge. On my work days, I do about 20-30 min cardio, mild body weight workout. This helps let traffic on freeways die down and I get some exercise done.

On my days off, I have doubled up on the program lifts. Day one: Press and Deadlifts with associated prescribed exercises–takes about 1.5 hours. Rest day. Day three: Brench press and Squats with associated prescribed exercises–takes about 1.5 hours.

The workouts are great. I feel like I am getting good rest on days off and on. No unusual soreness. I am not a competitor but my job is physically demanding at times. Plus I’m a lil older (40s) so I am looking to make sure balance is maintained in my lifts/rest.

I have also been flirting with the idea, based on a T-nation article about not upping the weight of lifts to quickly. Basically staying at the same weight for a couple weeks and changing the speed of the lifts.

Anyway, any insight is much appreciated.

There are programs from 2 days to 7 days a week in the books. If time is a problem, I suggest you pick one of the 2 day templates and do it.

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Wow. Missed that. Read the book last year and didn’t remember that was in there. Basically I am doing what it recommends. So that’s a good thing. And it took it a step further said to only do the deload week if absolutely necessary.

The only thing that bothered me was that it said you can do the two-a-week routine if you aren’t looking to get stronger. But that is still my goal. Albeit not as quickly.

Regardles thanks again for the helpful response.