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Modified WD by Michael Keck


I know the topic of intermittent fasting/warrior diet/pulse-fast feast has been discussed and this particular version has been mentioned in some threads but I was wondering how many are actually utilizing this particular version of the approach in their day-to-day diet and if anyone can offer some experience/insight on it:



Lol..I was trying to read this article last night before bed...But, I had just taken some melatonin and ZMA and couldn't keep my eyes open. I'd also like to hear if others have utilized this approach.


I tried the intermittent fasting and I kind of liked it because it fit my lifestyle and eating behavior. With that being said I did feel it was a little too catabolic not eating all day so I tweaked it on my own and came up with a plan similar to the modified one above which works great. Even MODOK commented about the prolonged cortisol involved in IM and he was absolutely right.
I wake up at 530 am and I'm usually not hungry till about 8am anyway. I then have plenty of protein low carbs and healthy fats. I repeat it 4 hrs later, then 4 hours after that I have my pre workout gatorade/whey or anaconda protocol. Get home around 6 pm and have a decent sized dinner. And that will be my last meal because I've been diagnosed with Barrets and can't eat close to bed time. I try and hit the sack by 10pm. This works out great for me.
In hindsight it's nothing earth shattering, just common sense and proper workout nutrition.
I fast when asleep and for a short period after waking. I then break the fast and just eat protein with low carbs and healthy fats the rest of the day to stop the cortisol, and backload the carbs around workout.
Unless someone is on a huge mass building program I believe this is the way most people should eat.


One thing I was concerned about how good it is for people who train mornings or midday, I've asked Keck in the Q&A section regarding this matter. The recommendation is to drink 3/4 of your post-wo shake during your workout, and resume the underfeed meals till night time to feast but he has said that it is not optimum to do so.