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Modified Velocity Diet?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone already tried or if its possible to run a modified version of the Velocity Diet such as 1-2 days shakes only and 1-2 days with meals+shakes and so on instead of only drinking shakes for 4 weeks which is really too extreme and not that faisable…its like alternate shakes only days and meal+shakes days…

Does anyone has any input on this?



Sounds like the V-Diet for the weak. Someone who wants results but doesnt have the balls to commit or pay for it. LOL

In the end not the V-Diet at all. But hell give it a whirl if you are in a hypocaloric state you will lose weight.

The V-Diet works; plain and simple. It’s made to be simple.

But it’s like a workout program; you can follow it to the T or you can make modifiactions that will allow you to complete it (e.g. if you don’t like a program you won’t stick to it).

And oddly enough sometimes trying new things leads to discovers that work better…Give it a shot.

The V-Diet was made to be super simple… And it actually isn’t that hard to stick to if you really are motivated. However, it works on the same basic principles almost EVERY other fat loss plan works on… Lots of protein and not that many calories. As long as the food you add in doesn’t take you over maintenence, you will lose weight.